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Emotional landscapes, They puzzle me,

Life is a precious and mysterious gift, we all find our own way to ride the convolutions of the space-time continium. Nothing is so bad, however, that it cannot be helped by talking about it.

Then the riddle gets solved, And you push me up to this

Sound, such glorious stuff. Bought a new set of headphones for home, splashed out a little on a nice set of Sennheisers - my how the frequencies dance, tis a glorious thing. Searched high and low for the PMX60s - frequency response 18-21000Hz, breathtaking bass, clarity that makes me go misty eyes during sub-sonic masterpieces like "Hazard" by Brian Eno which uses frequencies so low you feel them ... very happy even if the budget took a teeny bit of a hammering, but no where near top of the range.

I have always been a bit of an audiophile, love purity and clarity in noise and celebrate a fairly impressive hearing range [altho I guess I should be nearly deaf from years of abusing my external auditory meatus], but prefer to set my eq to flat - figure it is better to listen to it as the recording artist recorded it ... am constantly amazed and disappointed by the younger generations need for obscene amounts of bass - ear-bleeding doof in a car should be illegal, but I guess having everythig on FULL is the best way to be?

State of emergency, How beautiful to be, I am not a handy guy, right, and although I try to do the standard housey-blokey things [and do have a toolbox overflowing with bewildering apparatus], I cannot help but get very frustrated with the design of certain things. Take the humble tap - symphony of engineering it is, but one of its points of failure is a washer buried deep in the heart of it. When the washer smeffs, you have to dismantle the bugger to replace it - whose crap design choice was that? Yes, I know the wholle pressure thing, but still, spanners, thread tape and, if your are blessed with OLD taps, you need to employ a re-seating tool [a gizmo that screws into the open tap body and freshly grinds the surface the washer sits on smooth so it connects cleanly].

the aim is to reduce the dripping, right? [and is there not a life lesson in there somewhere for all of us also? but I digress]. You can do the right thing on one tap and, presto chango, it stops dripping. Rinse and repeat and the next blighter still drips, only faster ... once again with feeling. I have a wrench, and know how to use it but honestly it takes all my self control not to dong it one and storm off swearing like a trooper. Best to be "water wise" however and keep at it until it does not drip [but the swearing does help, at least the kids know how to pronounce exotic rude words now].

...which brings me to the point of this particular gripe - if I have got to stem stray drips from my taps, have 4 minute showers in a "low flow" shower head that quite frankly I stay dryer standing directly under than not, then why the floop cannot the council stop the megalitres of water from seeping and dripping from mains in and around my suburb. It boils my buns to see mains seepage and torrents in gutters, leaging hydrants and taps left on at doggy toilets [we call these public parks, do keep up]. Green - hah! ...well, in truth, yes it is green, the soggy ground is either luscious growth of weeds or so sodden that it is spawning new species of algae - you get that.

State of emergency, Is where I want to be.

"Joga" by Bjork ... do not ask me what the lyrics mean, it sounds wonderful but one has to wonder what chemicals she was using when she penned most of the songs on "Homogenic" - one of many brilliant albums in her catalog.
Feeling:: ebullient [enjoying the teaching]
Watching:: "Enough Rope" [and once again marvelling at Dentons skill as an interviewer]
Reading:: "Watchmen" by Alan Moore; "The Last Hero" by Terry Pratchett
Hearing:: Squarepusher thru new Sennheisers ... mmmmm
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