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Why dont you fill out a form?

Sites that allow anonymous signup, little content filtering and public access are asking for trouble IWHO. Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and the like, social notwerking sites are interesting cases in point - NO steps are taken to ensure the authenticity of the person signing up, NO checking seems to be done re content posted.

Identity theft is an ugly business, and I guess when the spam hits the fan, the VICTIM of the identity theft has little to do except come after the known associates of the identity thief. Luckily social notwerking sites make befriending and commenting anonymous - oh, wait, NO they do not [if YOU have used your REAL NAME] - they lay out a clear chronological RECORD of who did what, said what, and when. I guess the only ones that have nothing to worry about are those that have not been stupid [I rarely use the word stupid or dumb - this is one of the rare situations when both are actually appropriate] enough to leave a trace - a connection back to THEM. Actions have consequences, dont act all surprised [although you could claim IGNORANCE and nothing could be closer to the truth] when you are implicated by association. Some readers [there are readers of this shite?] will understand this section, others will assume I am just vacillating, both would be right.

We cant get back to you, Of course we cant get back to you

I am curently researching smartphones. Now before you chime in with your 2.2c [GSTinc] worth of advice the DEVICE must suit the PURPOSE. I do NOT want to surf the net or check my email on my handheld - YES, I have tried BOTH and HATE both on such a small screen, besides I have more than enuff time at my pooter for that. I do need good DIARY software, and want to be able to HAND WRITE because I find predictive text and keypad entry so frustrating that I would like just 5 minutes alone in a closed room with the interface designers ... there would be NO survivors. Example: my current barbie-phone - to get balance of my account you SMS "balance" to a particular number, right - easy ... except, you cannot write "balance" using predictive text, and yes I know I could ADD the word to its vocab if I could find the sub menu of the menu of the category in the options, but by that time I am so angry I have forgotten what I am looking for and have to resist the urge to hurl the barbie-phone into the river.

I no longer want to carry two devices around with me [phone + handheld], well, three if you also count my pooter, which also travels most places with me. It has to be INSTANT ON, has to let me load and play MUSIC, lots of music, has to have a GOOD BATTERY LIFE, has to be SMALL yet FUNCTIONAL, has to have a STYLUS, has to have a GOOD INTERFACE and SYNCH to my pooter, allow me to use PREPAID plans as that matches my phone habit [I am after a PDA that can make and take calls, not a phone with pda facilities, if the subtle difference makes sense to you]...

...and yes, I know it DOES NOT EXIST. No, an iPHONE does not match what I want to do with a handheld - I have yet to be convinced it is little more that an internet-aware ultra-portable pooter with a phone built in and yes, I am aware I am speaking heresy but I just do not get the "wank factor" of the thing, lord knows I have tried to convince myself that it matches what I want but it would seem not to be so. Sadly there is an imperative, my current Palm [beloved oracle that I have had for years] is breaking, certain core features no longer work ... without an organiser my life will unravel [been there, done that, it was NOT pretty], so am in rounds of discussions with people who have agendas to push devices on me that more or less completely fail to answer my need, let the games commence.

But rest assured, we will take your comments on board.

Have been trolling streaming video sites and yee gods there is some fun junk out there - came across a live recording of "The Necks" and thought I would share:

Your thoughts make change!

...now I am not what anyone would call a sports fan, and standing in the middle of a wind-swept field in winter, yelling at kids high on red cordial and hot chips is my idea of hell, but does it have to be like this? Apparently so, and apparently everyone cooperated really well and made it a huge success [just look the other way when bastardry happens, be tolerant when organisation is not present, be patient when surrounding apathy takes hold, be generous and step up when no one else could be bothered. Better to be busy than procrastinate I guess.

My VCR watched the opening ceremony of the current olympiad - that way I could zip thru the boring bits [2 hours of teams marching in, yee gods]. Must say there were some impressive moments - enmasse coordinated and illuminated drumming, flying people, the stickey-uppey-globey thing with projected images and runners on all angles - such mastry of cable and projection systems; but for me, the most lovely moment was the horizontal cable-suspended lap of the torch bearer inside the rim of the birdsnest accompanied by an unrolling computer graphic - simple concept, stunningly difficult to achieve, breathtaking to watch.

Good thing they let off some fireworks in Beijing I guess, they can pretend the thick smog was a result of that smoke not yet clearing. Let the Games Commence - will I watch them? probably not [yes, I know, philistine I am] but only like to tune in to the swimming and floor gymnastics and I can never work out when I should be watching the telly so I do NOT get bowls - linear broadcast telly increasingly does NOT match how I WANT to view media and I am buggered if I will pay for telly either, must be a work around ... waiting for a test pattern of the modern age.

Thanks for your time (Dont ask me, I just work here man)

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