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I give you my affection and I give you my time I know sales people exist to ... sell people ... things. That part I have worked out, but why oh why do they almost completely fail to hear what a customer wants and subsequently asks for instead steering them towards something they think the customer needs. Case in point, the frustrating time I have had of late researching and purchasing a new PDA.

For the plebian amongst you, I have used an electronic diary or sorts since 1994 [ historical record of the trials and tribulations of my handhelds ] and indeed I have learned only a few abosolute truths in my brief time on this earth - without help, I am chronologically incapable of remembering anything. The Oracle is something that has travelled everywhere with me but for nearly a year and a half I have also packed another "space invader" - a mobile phone that will, hereafter be known as the "barbie phone". Before you yell hypocrite [and quite rightly so, as I have so vehmently criticised mobile phones] I agree with you, they are a pain in the arse but are also immensly useful for staying in touch [just another slice of humble pie, hold the vegies please]. I do not want to carry around two computing devices - well, in truth 4 [if I count my taptop and the wetware that keeps my ears apart], so the time was coming, truth be told, and I have been putting it off. My current handheld [a Palm Tungsten T3] first went into service in 2003 and has been brilliant for what I wanted it to do. Times march on and sadly my old handheld is finally unable to do some of the core things I originally bought it for due to buggered firmware that has no viable replacement. I have been talking to salespeople about PDA smartphones, and have suffered the stupidity, ignorance and utter bullshit of salespeope who steadfastly refuse to listen to me, actually know anything about the product they are trying to thrust upon me, or consider the feature set I actually want; instead they recommend internet, gps, wifi and other things that I simply will not use on my handheld and ignore core features [for me, yes it is ALL about me] like diary and note management, music storage and playback and .. dare I say it .. the actual ability to make and take a phone call on the odd occasions that I need to do it without having to consult a manual to find out how to access that feature.

Trying to get a connection on the telephone line

No, I have seriously considered an iPhone and, lol, no it is not on my list of must-haves, I know I speak heresy on this point but the apple fanbase needs to step back and realise that is is actually a crap phone that is full of beautiful eye candy and does not match what I am looking for ... I do not want a plan, am not interested in download caps on my PDA, will not be watching movies in postage stamp size widescreen and do not want to run vista [hahaha, can it ever be called "running" when considering vista] or connect to MSN whilst on the bus. I actually want to put my PREPAID SIM card in and use that - yes ffolkes, prepaid matches my phone habit [remembering I have landline at home and softphone at work, pooters at both and more than adequate access to data I need]. It has been interesting none the less to finally settle on something, then start the price investigations ... someone is making a lot of money if I can get such huge wholesale discounts that even with all my accessories [and I am going gadget-barbie on this purchase] it still comes in waaaaay below the base price for the handset at the next cheapest outlet. I could get it for free [or nearly] if I signed into a plan, but as I have said, prepaid matches how I use my phone. I have no doubt others will disagree, and that is fine, they are welcome to their opinion so long as they keep it to themselves, as it is irrelevent noise to me unless it keys into my useage ... comtemplating moving from Oracle3 to the new PDA [Oracle4] is indeed scary, like saying good bye to an old friend. It is odd how attached we become to inanimate things, particularly really useful things. Time will tell if the gizmo does the job it was bought for. Interface designers for handhelds all need a jolly good smack. Feature glut and labrynthal menu systems with odd groupings of features in out of the way places make me really cross - one would think that software engineers when designing for such a small screen actually thought about form and function but it would appear not.

I call you up from time to time

...been working away at a bunch of things lately, launched new course, marking and teaching, kinda like all that stuff, trying to avoid the administrivia is the tricksey part. Life is rich and full. Lamps, where do I start? We now have some whizzy new brushed brass standard lamps in the study, one beside each comfy chair - you touch them and they turn on cycling through 3 different light settings before turning themselves off again - very nice - at last it is possible to sit comfortably at read at a time other than daytime [overhead lighting, whilst moody and interesting is poor when it comes to reading] - not before time I say, now I will be actually able to see what I am marking when it is time to do that ... is that an advantage I wonder?

To hear your voice on the telephone line

Kraftwerk, krautrockers from way back are on my playlist at the moment [old reliable favourites] for walking to and from the asylum - the exercise is good for me and the relentless and sterile electronica provides me with the pace. Recently [thanks Anthony for the heads-up] stumbled aross the work of a brit electronica pair under the name Autechre making wierdass but fascinating blip-hop that is only danceable if you are chucking an epileptic fit, they tip their hat to Kraftwerk in origin and style. Good to see the electronic and proud of it style strong and healthy.

Say hi to your mum for me...
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