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Any dolt with half a brain, Can see that humankind has gone insane

Entering a holiday diseased, shagged, fragged and broken [by a mound of marking I just do not want to do] is not fun. sadly it is all too often the case in the September asylum break. Off the back of another immersion [nice bunch of blokes, we had fun, learned stuff, got to deal with year 10s as humans, yes dear readers that is possible] and put everything else in life on hold, again. Not sure if I have the stamina for another round, and it is looking like my timetable for 2009 will be full and interesting, will have to see how good I am at saying NO [previous record suggests I must not have done well in the "no" lessons at teachers training ... place ... thingy.

Term4 is short, intense and I would like to say I am ready for it, but prolly do not htink I am. Will need to put up a brave front I guess [not like I have had to do that before] and just get on with it. Lots of people need my support and friendship [gee I wish I was not so crap at it tho, how do others seem to manage it effortlessly?]

To the point where I dont know, If I will upset the status quo, If I throw poison in the water main

Committed "vegicide" this weekend by adding to the planets toxic load and sprayed the lawn for clover, bindii and other assorted plants that are not grass but then it struck me ... how does the toxin know what is a weed and what is a valued but sickly and sparse blade of grass? This perplexes me. I know it works, have poisened before [and usually can sense the toxic load myself, with dizzyness, headaches and feeling off for a little while ... you get that, how did I become increasingly intolerant to chemicals - no fair!!!] and have watched as the weeds shrivel whilst the grass amongst it doesnt.

"weed" is an interesting term as it is a relative label - one persons weed is a nurserymans saleable item. Take the pervasive "wandering dew" or even good old lantana. Originally an exotic "I must have a cutting for my garden" until it got out of control, unwanted in a particular locality = weed. Someone wise [forgotted who] once said a weed was a plant whose value is yet to be discovered ... hahaha ... loser, get down there and dig out that nut grass - I am not even vaguely interested in its undiscovered value.

I am an eco-vandal as I washed out my sprayer and flushed the residue down an external drain also ... I can feel the weight of the worlds disdain but frankly what else am I to do? I cannot flush it out into the ... there are plants I care about there - ahh, the perils of modern life. Why should I care, no one in charge seems to.

I cannot believe my eyes, How the worlds filled with filth and lies

I found this thing on the inter..web...thingy called a "torrent", what interesting things they are - you see I am a purist, I pay for my music you see [that may surprise you, but I have personally spent thousands of ozzy dollars on buying LPs, cassettes, CDs and DVDs, and pride myself on having a fairly full and obscure collection with many things only available on import. Sometimes, however, an album I really want is not purchaseable in any form, from anywhere, and yes, I purchase in teh real world and online. I will admit to torrenting an occasional title that I cannot buy. If the RIAA want to take me to task then that is fine, I am up for it.

The [actual] point of me bringing up torrents is the architecture their transport system uses - take a large bit-o-content and chop it up into little pieces, spread those little pieces over a large number of peers and, so long as you know what pieces you need, it does not matter where thise bits come from - P2P filesharing is amazing, why is NO MMO or online game gompany using this to distribute game data - can you imaging the scale of a game taht is collaboratively hosted, dynamically downloaded from multiple parts of the planet and the load spread ... this sounds like an idea to me, bet no one is listening however.

Was given "SPORE" for Male-Parent Day by the kids [well, in truth we split the cost of the "Galactic" Edition] and have been playing it - what a gentle and lovely game [altho not, I suspect everyones cup-o-tea], looks terrific and sounds ... amazing ... and no coincidence because the soundtrack is gererative [no two players get the same music] based on workings by Brian Eno ... this guy is everywhere. the things you make and encounter in-game come from ... the interweb. Is lovely to be gaming and encounter a critter or thing made by a friend. games hey? If theya re done well they have the power to surprise and delight you. Who could ask for more.

But its plain to see, Evil inside of me, is on the rise.

Lyrics stolen shamelessly and withour regret from Dr Horribles Sing-along Blog ... what? You missed it? Shame on you. Brilliant 3 part webisodic musical drama about a hapless fairly nice guy trying to get in to the "Evil League of Evil" ... what? never heard of them either??? Where have you been hiding these last 6 months. Sheesh, hopeless henchman you would make.
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Reading:: "Last Hero" by Terry Pratchett [yes, I know, still]
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vegetabible (n.) A book pertaining to the ways that a vegetable should live. Sometimes referred to as a gardeners book on growing vegetables. Often confused with a treatise on why vegan lifestyles are actually healthy.
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