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.: Eye of the Storm? :.
« Wed 26 Jan 2005 09:31:26 AM »
Australia, Australia, Australia we love you, Amen! [appologies Mr M. Python Pt. retired)

Pubic holiday in the middle of the first week feels like the eye of the cyclone (calm, with all else swirling out of control around you) - a welcome respite nonetheless. Don the stubbies, thongs, crack open a tinny and incinerate a snag or chop on the barbie [alternatively, don the lycra for Gym, sup on a nicely chilled Pino Noir and contemplate a robust blue cheese and some tapenade on a fresh brioche].

Asylum is full of inmates again and hums with enthusiasm (or some sort of nervous energy) at the start of a new year. Paid inmates continue to be more and more demanding but you get get that at some asylums I guess. Voice stuffed (as usual) from speaking loud, will harden soon I guess, nothing new. Lots to do, fighting the urge not to do anything. Say hi to your mum from me :P
Feeling:: perplexed
Watching:: "Creature Comforts" by Nick Park [and reeling at the subtle brilliance of claymation]
Reading:: "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown [being intrigued by complex plots]
Hearing:: "OK Computer" by RadioHead [being confuzzled by random lyrics]
Accessed:: 2260 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

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