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Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind ?

friendship takes work, and that kind of work is worthwhile, I wish I was not so crap at it [mental note: do something about this]. Real friends are tolerant of irregular contact, seeming disregard when in fact busyness just gets in the way, accepts foibles, allows disagreements and enjoys company when it is possible. I hate it that I get so busy, but seem to do little to unclutter my life ... you get that I suppose. Procrastination is a potent force and putting off that which can be done tomorrow is not a sustainable practice ...so why do I keep doing it? It is not laziness, just being overwhelmed with the plethora of things that need to be done, hence nothing gets done, is not quite a vicious circle, is more an apathetic one. [mental note: resolve to do something about this]

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and old times since?

08 has not, in the grand scheme of things, a year that I have fared well in, and I think I will be glad to see the back of it. Tragic loss of life never happens at a "good" time but to lose a dear family member and a dear friend in the same year, for similar reasons is difficult to reconcile - growing old is not something to look forward to, particularly when the mind falls apart first. I value dignity and hope that my body lets me exit with some. Departure of a long-standing colleague without even an "hooroo" also saddens me, clearly some contacts are merely for convenience or whatever. Building a bridge to get over it, far from understanding it however.

Physically, 08 has left me less structurally sound than when I entered it and there is no comprehensible reason for the damage - why my neck gave out when it did is still a mystery [one I would like to understand so I can avoid repeats] and the invasive surgery has left me incapacitated to a degree. I will never regain a full range of movement, have poor load bearing ability and still have nerve pain and some degree of discomfort - coupled with additional permanent partial paralysis of my quadrucep [top leg muscle] at the site of the bone graft harvest and continued discomfort whilst trying to sleep has yet to see me adopt a routine that lets me be well rested, but I am working on that [mental note: more sleep is prolly a good idea]

...at least the titanium plate does not set off the metal detector at the airport, which is both a relief and a disappointment, but you get that. As yet, no superpower has emerged, but remain ever vigilant in trying to identify when it manifests [mental note: super-procrastination is ...not ...that ..super]

For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne,

Still trying to understand some aspects of "social networking". Twitter is something I do but bugger me if I understand why? Micro-blogging is peculiar, and catered to those who think the world cares what they are doing at that particular moment ... is making toast; ...failed not to burn the toast; ...is going the the toilet; ...managed to - you get the idea. I have been at conferences where people twitter while a speaker is speaking - is it just me or is that just plain rude? I currently use twitter to update my "Facebook" status - BFW I hear you say, and I sorta agree ... but then what is in it for people who "follow" you on twitter? I have a buncha people, most of whom I have never met, following my twittering ... lol, most of those posts are absolute nonsense, unsubstantiated rumor and blatant lies - am I using this wrong?? [mental note: twitter less, no one give a toss].

"Facebook" is an odd phenomenon, people use it for all sorts of things - kids use it to pay out other kids, post incriminating photos of themselves doing things they should not be doing, or photos of their friends in embarrassing situations, or to ridicule and otherwise "stay in touch". The race to have as many "friends" as possible is also funny, I only add people I know and even some of them I am not particularly "friendly" with ... most curious. Will continue to explore it because the whole social aspect of "web2.0" is apparently really important - I just gotta work out why and why I can waste HOURS doiong sod all but clicking around in other peoples business. It also horrifies me how much personal information people willingly post for anyone to see, I thought I used to understand privacy but am no longer sure I ever did [mental note: unsubscribe to the dozens of chat and forum sites I now contribute and the "blogsphere" can well do without my ranting].

we will take a cup of kindness yet,

08 has not been all bad, thankfully. Had my first long service and really enjoyed traveling with "she who must be obeyed" [mental note: do this more often, now our kids are not kids anymore], and some solid friends who are treasures beyond belief. Altho the teaching was a little broken, I did what I could and hope that the batch of fledglings leave the nest with enough of an OP boost from my subject to help them get closer to what they want to do. My kids have done well, are strong independent adults [well, getting there at least] and are safe and happy - what parent could ask for more?

for auld lang syne.

Another 365 diurnal anomalies completed, albeit a leap second longer this year and then 08 is gone, and good riddance I say. Looking forward to a better 09 - bring it on!
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