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O send me blue valentines, like half forgotten dreams,

... now I am all for change, do not get me wrong. Indeed I would not have gotted involved from the beginning if I did not believe that change was necessary ... but. Community is an interesting thing - some are defined by action, involvement and symbol, some by other things. When attempting to re-group a community under an new banner, one would think that using a common catch-cry or easily identifiable symbol/colour scheme would seem to make sense.

I am rapidly learning that sense has nothing on spin. Tell someone that something looks "professional" and they will buy anything, regardless of how obtuse and contrary to convention and even common sense it is. I remember a fable about an ambitious and eager to please Emperor who was told that a new, allbeit not actually existing set of clothes was the most amazing thing ever - he was so taken with spin that he eagerly paraded nude thinking he was resplendent. One imagines that the Emperors new clothes were also described as "professional attire" and most certainly were described in luscious shades of blue, even though the family colours had been red for over a century ... you get that, apparently. Have given up trying to understand, and lost interest in fighting about the incongruity or even quality of it - after all, what would I know?

like a pebble in my shoe, as I walk these streets

... not drowing, merely waving goodbye - I hate being buried by things I have no chance of finishing, but that seems to be my lot at the moment. Maybe I am getting old but my ability to deliver is falling in inverse proportion to the increased demands placed on me. I have however realised that I can only do what I can do - not sure I like being so busy all the time - better busy than bored though I guess.

Trash and treasure seems to be the way of my life at the moment - the treasure is lustrous and sustaining, the trash continues to mound up [why will the garbage man not take away these heaps, am sure it is time for their next collection].

Re-joined a Board, re-applied for membership on a Panel - past exploits that return to comfort me, returning to the fold is an interesting experience - will I be any better at saying no - prolly not. Looking forward to the challenges however, challenges keep the brain from shrivelling they say so bring it on baby.

and the ghost of your memory, is the thistle in the kiss

...now I am not normally one for naval gazing, but a Kairos is an opportunity to take stock. Young adults being given such an opportunity is a risk, those with open minds will benefit - those merely going because they can will get nothing out of it. For me, it is x 6; not sure if I can do another, it works if it is fresh and with me, that is not really how it is at the moment.

Started, allbeit tentatively, to make music again - catharthis takes on many forms, also resolved to dig out the leadlight again as I need some creativity at the moment.

it is the tattooed broken promise, that I hide beneath my sleeve

"Blue Valentines" by Tom Waits off the "Heart Attack and Vine" album - arguably one of the blues greats of the last century. Do yourself a faovur and either buy or steal it - it might change your life. say "Hi" to your Mum for me.
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