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Wir laden unsere Batterie; Jetzt sind wir voller Energie

Procrastination is not a dirty word. Well, maybe a little grotty, but how easy is it. lol. Instead of doing something higher on my 2do list, I blarg - about procrastination ... wierd effort tantra that. Still, a blarg [or blog, status update or tweet] can inform, provide a point in time perspective or make you giggle. The blargsphere is full of inanity - the ultimate in trash and treasure ... amongst the volume of blah there are real gems - how do we mine them, sift chaff from grain? harness a more appropriate metaphor? you say potarto, I say potatoe.

Wir sind die Roboter; Ja tvoi sluga

...ever go through the motions knowing full well that regardless of what you think, assert or propose, an agenda is already set and the organising committee is merely looking to ratify the decisions already committed to? A healthy climate opens discussions and is actually interested in the discussed outcomes which it uses to forge decisions - I wonder what that is like? I sometimes think it would be easier to begin by asking the question "so what has already been decided, what is the scope of the discussion". sadly I find that often offends ... curious, as I think it would save a lot of time in the meetings I am so often called to and would reduce them to a "collect the whole set" game you can play with agendas, regardless of whether you actually progress down through the issues or not.

Maybe I am just getting old, or grouchy, but I am not a fan of ignorant people making decisions that look good on paper to them, even though what they are deciding on is waaaay outside any level of expertise they have. I do not appreciate being put in a position that I have to make a decision, without being allowed to sound out options, in areas that more capable people could be empolyed. Schools hey - Who would work in them if ALL they got to do was administrivia? and dont get me started on economic rationalism called "budgetting" in a school ... nailing jelly to a tree is easier.

Wir funktionieren automatik; Jetzt wollen wir tanzen mechanik

...magic - Now there is an idea to base major program functionality around. the "wizard" approach to automating development presupposes a number of dangerous things [1] the original programmer has anticipated what the user might want to do; and [2] the user will not want to deviate from the pre-defined command sequence. The underlying philosophy behind "magic" is what I have the most problem with however, not the actual implementation, let me explain:

...when a user is trying to do something, they [usually] want to know how to achieve it, and how that solution works [unless you are a Mac user :P] - magic presupposes you are only interested in the outcome, and uses smoke and mirrors [well, follow the "next" button click frenzies] approach to "guide" the user - the net result is that after the event, the user is none the wiser on what has just happened - this is a pity. Software and hardware has a unique ability [shared only with poor teachers] of making users feel dumb - I hate that supposed "high tech" devices and "state of the art" bug-infested software makes us feel inadequate and insecure - the IT industry should be well and truly ashamed of this.

Are there alternatives? Interesting question - how best to empower the user, skill them up and help them understand what they are trying to do and capture actual user intent rather than modifying what they want to do by what the system will LET them do - these are not the same but all too often are confused. These fundamental challenges are rigid barriers between the now and the "high tech" then. I am all for solutions, I want tools that let me find them without becoming a new problem in their own right.

Wir sind auf Alles programmiert; Und was du willst wird ausgeführt

...enjoying the actual teaching at the moment, is good to work with learners that want to engage and who then go on to do interesting things. I like the questions, they force me to think also, I like a task that diverges from the original path because of the asking of a relevent question, I like being on the edge and starting a lesson with a half-baked idea to see that idea take form, unravel and become solveable via sequenced instruction. I _hope_ that form of instruction sits well with students, tha modelling the actual problem solving processes by ... doing it ... resonates. I hope I create a classroom environment that students are challenged but also have ways of finding out that which they do not know that make sense to them. Time will tell I guess.

...it has been an interesting journey teaching databases at a highly conceptual level to senior students, then using that knowledge to re-phrase key concepts in a database topic with a junior class ... I hope this is helping me to speak in plain english [as opposed to fluent geek] ... the proof is in the pudding I guess [or is that the assessment?].

Wir sind die Roboter

A little Kraftwerk never hurt anyone - I much prefer the German version of "The Robots", glorious rolling "r"s and lush gutterals bristle and soar amongst the sterile beeps and bonks - if you have NOT listened to "Die Roboter" then do yourself a favour: [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R23e9VO_vOI ]
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