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« Sun 30 Jan 2005 12:09:39 PM »
Yee gods summer in QLD can be brutal - hot and humid and unpleasant before 10am. Forced to work in the relative cool and damp of under the house (thank goodness for wireless). I am not built for heat I have decided, trapped to endure it tho I guess

Messing with assessment timetables and coping with brutally uneven term lengths - doesnae the calendar makers realise that irregularity of this nature mangles schoolwork and coherent curriculae? Prolly do not give a toss so long as they get the right number of holidays ('spose I should think the same). Met all my classes now, nice buncha blokes, will see where they let me get to in terms of topic coverage (no feel yet for capabilities of year 11's but you get that).

Organisation is a current bugbear - I am sick to death of being caught up in other people's inability to organise themselves. It manifests itself (in me at least) by naughty behaviour - I cannot help it. Incompetence (or is it impoliteness, unprefessionalism or just being so self absorbed that it is impossible to see a bigger picture - dunno) really gets on my goat and I am finding myself less and less able to cope with it - must be getting old.
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