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« Sun 06 Feb 2005 09:47:10 AM »
There is something worse than a cold - flu in the summer [it sucks like blazes] - temp going up and down, throat feels like gargling razorblades wasn't such a good idea and general lethargy - bloody typical, but it happens I guess.

Lots to do, little energy at the moment to do any of it, will need to get act together though I suppose as monitoring and assessment stuff draws near.

Got the lovable Serena [or is it Venus - cannae tell those two apart] doing artwork for a new mascot for X - a loveable little fellow ready for battle soon I hope - such talent, I wish I could draw. Have to speak at scholars assembly Tuesday which could be interesting as currently all I can manage is a squeek [such success, one is the loneliest number unless preceeded by "op"].

Web weaving, virtual environmenting to do but think I will have a nap instead, best cough up a phlegm ball first tho I guess... I hate feeling sick, and think I make a lousy patient also [pity to all family who have to put up with my moaning].
Feeling:: down [but not out]
Watching:: time tick by [unable to slow it
Reading:: Deception Point by Dan Brown [amused by the pseudo science and espoionage]
Hearing:: the sound of running water [tap left on overnight by accident]
Accessed:: 2662 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

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