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Openday schmopenday - I hate wastes of my time but it seems that I am alone in this. Realised (all too late) that busses do not run much before 8:30am on a Sunday morning, since I had to be somewhere at 8am, this represented a pain in the grolvet. Taxi in ($24 later) and I am tired and grumpy. Singing was ok, dehydrated and worn out by a service that seemed to go on a little unlike my falcetto that cut out due to dessication. Wouldnae mind I guess if there were lots of people at the open day but I saw few ... shouldnae complain, have stuff all else to do - yeah right!!

New puter has come home - yee gods it is fast, pity she who must be obeyed will only use it for playing text-based rpgs *bits of me die as I watch wasted processing capacity*. Talking and sharing home notwerk resources like a charm .. thankee to all who helped (and my bank manager for allowing me to spend some of my contract funds)

Long week ahead, has already begun... brain hurts (matched body so is all good).
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