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« Thu 15 Sep 2005 08:20:50 AM »
Holidays again, what a lerk it is to be a teacher apparently, interestingly when holidays arrive, I am usually well and truly ready for them. Happily putting off all that needs to be done in favour of doing sod-all really, nice work if you can get it.

You enter a monolithic stone circle composed of large lumps of concrete from collapsed roadworks further west. So-called "Concrete-henge" as it's layout matches the now destroyed "Stonehenge" - another famous Druid site. Lumps of concrete appear to be lined up to meridians and the outer circle provides a perimeter inside which three other circles are found - each guarded by enormous gate structures. This is a training facility only a Druid would find useful - to seek alternative plains of consciousness, you should first seek advice from Durka the Druidic Priestess. Each of the gates here are stained a different colour, denoting some sort of rank - choose carefully as the sacrifical dagger Durka holds aloft looks like it would hurt.

Marking and collating to do, submission to panel to do, housework to do, website work to do, think I'll pop on back to bed for a kip.

Saw "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" [latest installment of the claymation Wallace and Grommett] and what a charmer, such fun, so English, so un-american [which can only be a good thing].
Feeling:: At one with the multiverse [now if it could just be at one with me]
Watching:: trailers for "Serenity" [waiting for the release]
Reading:: Rollling Stone #644 [just for the articles]
Hearing:: Minimum-Maximun by Kraftwerk [synth never sounded so good]
Accessed:: 2205 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

oldfolkals : ( The eyeglasses one needs when they can no longer see anything more than 10 feet away and their arms appear to have shrunk to the point that they can no longer read the comics in the newspaper.
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