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« Sat 08 Oct 2005 04:26:09 PM »
Weekend before panelbeating - always a pleasure to be surrounded by professional people and am happy in the objectivity of the process to ratify decisions. May be my last as panel chair, will see how the application to state goes. Week has been hot and sticky and can only hope monday is not so - is not pleasant.

Two clusters of monsters/gear to do and vic park is complete [phew, large and interesting project]. If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the night time.

Aircon for the home, what a delicious dream, may not be so dreamy as actually happen this summer, one can only hope [would have to sell one of the kids to pay for it, but such is life]. Home reno is always interesting, will be nice when the shite out the back is done and we can get on with the garden.

Say hi to your analyst for me :P
Feeling:: calm [before the storm?]
Watching:: battery life go on for ages [on X41]
Reading:: proposals [a few indecent, a few preposterous, most plausible]
Hearing:: "Hold Your Colour" by Pendulum [puzzled by the sample on slam]
Accessed:: 2361 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

onosecond (n.) The period of time one spends between pressing the "send" button and then realizing that they really shouldn’t have sent that e-mail message.
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