Uncomfortable Numb
.: is this the real life? :.
« Sun 16 Oct 2005 10:55:25 AM »
Is this the real life, is this just fantasy ... caught in a landslide no escape from reality... if only freddy knew what he was writing. Life shifted into the truly surreal friday as I attended another funeral of a close friend. My family and friends still in shock [feeling of helplessness is the worst of all I guess], car accidents do that I suppose. Bizmillah let me go! Trying to stay busy, all seems a bit pointless but you get that sometimes.

Teaching and other therapies seem to be going along acceptably, despite some students steadfastness not to learn a thing [even if they are convinced I know nothing], no accounting for the foolishness of youth I guess [one day I will grow up - maybe I will be a fireman?] Some are/have been soo high maintenance, seemingly so self-absorbed they act without conscience or consequence, I guess the real world will hit them harder than should be necessary. Most others you do not mind putting yourself out for.. wonder why that is?

Have had a sharp pain in my foot for months now, about time I go see about it I guess, hope it is something as simple as a fallen arch.

Established a resource and community space for IPT teachers across the state to meet, greet and share - wonder if that will get off the ground? [I see such potential, and collective wisdom, I hope we are smart enough to share it around]... build it and they will come is what I was told... shall see.
Feeling:: numb [from the neck up]
Watching:: "The Bill" [wondering why the characters seem to have had lobotomys]
Reading:: ORM diagrams [marvelling at the structure of information]
Hearing:: "Messiah" by Handel [trying to learn a counter tenor line, tighten the underpants!!]
Accessed:: 2649 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

rediculadundent (adj.) Having done or said something stupid over and over again. Examples: (1) Everyday that it rains on my way to work I step in the same puddle! It has gotta be the most rediculadundent thing I do. (2)Dude, face it; you can not dance. Getting out on the dance floor again would be pretty dang rediculadundent!
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