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Now I had this pain in the arch of my right foot, been there for a coupla months, so i thought do something about it... right? Well, she who must obeyed found a podiatrist close and I made an appointment ... then limped down to the bus, limped from bus stop to catch appointment, waiting, waiting... Come in, when did you injure yourself - I didn't, then you are getting old and have a falling arch - sod off and die! Should have wondered about quackery when the candle was lit and the aromatherapy vaseline was opened ... I do not know what the problem is is not something you want a trained professional to say ... got an arch support and was told, apart from being old, that I have one leg shorter than the other. Old, injured and malformed also - going from bad to worse. Had she reached for the runes, read my tea leaves or split a goat to examine the entrails I woulda been outta there like a shot (well, if i could walk fast with the arch support and the heel lift...). Such is life...

Assignment time is interesting, as problems are solved, miscreants emerge having done very little, excuses become more exotic, justifications become laughable... still some great work being done in both 11 and 12 assignments so far, go you good things [but do not expect me to panic for your lack of planning, time management or ability to ask simple questions].

Ever wondered why foods like Asparagus change the smell of your urine? The world is a wonderful place... say hi to your mum for me :P
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Hearing:: "Dub side fo the moon" by Easy Star Allstars [reggae ffloyd, wtf?]
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pedaeration (n.) Achieving perfect body heat by having one leg under the sheets and one hanging off the edge of the bed.
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