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« Sat 22 Oct 2005 03:50:47 PM »
wPodSo I had this pain in my foot, right ... well, after following the podiatrist's advice it has gradually gotted worse and worse so I thought i'd try something less radical and go see a doctor .. straight away, off for an xray, possible ultra-sound, still it remains a mystery ... looking more and more like "Plantar fasciitis" [yeh, I know, fekked if I know, a 'common-ish' condition in over 40's when they start exercise - so I should become totally sedentary again apparently]... FMSW!!!

Yee gods hospital waiting rooms are awful places. Not only are the magazines antique, but the atmosphere is enough to make even the most healthy of persons start to feel an ache down their left side and a bit of a wheeze coming on. the last time I was in hospital [well those bits i was conscious for] made me yearn not to be there, have always been a bit phobic of them I guess.

Interestingly this the fourth posting involving feet [either mine or my sons] now a casual observer would [incorrectly] assume I was in some way obsessed by these shapely, fleshy buds at the end of my legs. Now while I must admit to a more than passing attraction to a firm, pale in-step [who can honestly say they haven't got all hot and sweaty at the sight of an unclad in-step? Lazing luciously in a thong, or gliding in a sandal...], I am no more attracted to feet than velcro is attracted to vaseline. I entertain no particular fantasies involving them [just thought that should be made clear]. Elbow skin, now that is another story.....

Must off, things to avoid and people to see. say hi to your mum for me :P
Feeling:: perplexed
Watching:: some undecipherable game on tv in waiting room of XRay department [grown guys in colourful clothes chucking rocks at each other]
Reading:: old "new idea" magazines [apparently jennifer and brad are an item ... why was I not told this??]
Hearing:: people shuffling uncomfortably as their bums go to sleep on the deceptively uncomfortable chairs
Accessed:: 2314 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

fibliography 1. (n.) The sources you cite on a research paper for which you did no research at all. 2. (n.) Sources cited that you, either did not use, or used once, erroneously, because the source never actually pertained to your paper at all.
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