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So, peel the spuds, slice thinly, add to ovenproof dish, peel and slice very thinly a small onion, interleave potato with onion rings, chop a little garlic really fine, sprinkle on top, sprinkle of salt, grind of pepper, add full-fat milk to half full, microwave for 2x10mins on medium, moving and resting in-between.

Halve a whole chicken breast, remove membranes, tenderloins, fillet thinly into 3 slices each. Flour lightly all trimmed pieces, into eggs beaten with salt and cajun spices, then into breadcrumb, parmesan and oatbran mixture and pat and flatten to ensure coating sticks and is dry. Put aside.

Set up steamer, julienne carrot, set to steam, wash and tail asparagus, set aside.

Add egg yolks and softenend butter to a gently heated pan, stir in extra butter, lemon juice and vinegar, stir on gentle heat, add a pinch salt, grind of pepper, when thickened slightly, remove from heat and set aside.

In heavy based frying pan, add olive oil and small knob of butter until oil is hot, in one layer, fry chicken until brown, turn once. When one batch is cooked, keep warm on absorbent paper in the oven while the second is put on to cook.

Now plunge the aspagarus in the steamer, sprinkle potato top with a little cheese, grill till golden.

Plate it up with chicken, potato bake, carrots, asparagus with a drizzle of hollandaise sauce, eat, enjoy...Is what we had for dinner tonite, was yummy.

Finished off with some icecream and then a cup of tea and caramel slice for supper - tummy happy.

Just thought I'd share - say hi to your mum for me...
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