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duct - (n) A passage through which a substance passes from point A to point B, or B, C, missing D and E, depending on whether the duct is blocked at that point.

Ducted air, is this the real life, is this just fantasy ... no, it is fiscal reality, signed off on Project "AC" yesterday, let the coolness begin. The thought of spending a summer in our home being comfortable is a delicious one... I think I need a moment.

Brain fried lately, jumping from project to project while providing the sort of immediacy and familiarity with their particular little congealed lump of code that most students expect is hard work [particularly when one has no functioning short term memory]. I love being grilled at 11:30PM about a bit of code that was working but is not now because of forgotten changes that happened 2 days ago ... sheesh, some do not realise how rude they are being. Smile and nod.

When one sings a song that starts off soft and melodic and builds to a crescendo, one does not expect that building mood to be punctuated by randomly timed video "shots" ranging from 30 seconds to nearly a minute - must say I think "You raise Me Up" is being brutally murdered by such action, but my place is to stand there and sing [hoping to avoid a "testy" blowout] - now just to learn those pesky words. I wonder if anyone will stand back and evaluate the experience afterwards so that learning can take place - me thinks there is waaaay to much ego involved for that to happen [might be wrong, might also now be unemployed for speaking heresy]. Congrats to all my students, including those that are to handed "shiny things" - to get in and have a go is to be a winner. The only failure is failure to participate IWHO.

Operatunity-OZ have acknowledged receipt of my entry, and will get back to me if I move to the first round, if they can stop laughing long enuff I suspect - gotta be in it to win it I guess.
Feeling:: mauve
Watching:: "House" and marvelling at how convincingly a brit can pretend to be an american
Reading:: sheet music [gee, what are those little black dots and lines]
Hearing:: "Pioneers that got scalped" by DEVO [loud and retro, gotta show those evil spuds what's what]
Accessed:: 2355 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

mattricide (n.) The act of removing the "DO NOT REMOVE" tag on a mattress, thus, somehow rendering the mattress invalid.
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