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It will be alright on the night - yee gods that attitude gives me the heebie jeebies. So many people I know use to to compensate for being slack and not getting on with what needs to be done, or else to cover their incompetence. Usually, they then blame everything around them when it starts to go pearshaped. A poor worker usually blames the tools I guess.

Something cathartic about having a good sing - something terrifiying about being wired up prior to doing it and not being adequate time to rehearse it. I live for endless waiting to rehearse, and the wasting of an entire day for 4 minutes of intensity. I shouldn't complain, but why should I be different to others?

I wonder if the shiny things like being given out? How they glittered, my precious...

Interesting how some continue to float to the surface even though they demonstrably do not do as they are asked, except at the last moment, or visibly ingratiate themselves - politics of the suck are interesting indeed; or is it that turds are often bouyant?

Awaiting the excuses for not being able to hand in stuff tomorrow - or maybe some will just not bother again, without excuse or the common decency to even talk to me about it.
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phonesia 1. (n.) The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgetting whom you were calling just as they answer.
2. (n.) Getting to the end of a listen of options on a recorded helpline number, only to forget which option one wanted; forcing them to listen to them again, and in some cases having to redial the number.
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