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« Tue 08 Nov 2005 08:02:38 AM »
*tick* 'Tis the season to get marking *twitch* because applying *tick* red pen *shudder* to paper is a life-giving process *flinch* and to cap it all off *sigh* my seniors depart for exam block today *sniff* heading for the *tick* real world *twitch* whatever that is.

Assessment is an interesting connundrum - we [educators, the collective "we"] strive for understanding, provide experiential learning opportunities then apply a 15th century assessment method [exams] to that learning, as if it is designed to *tick* provide us with definitive proof of mastry *cross*. Unfortunately, it all too often measures how successfully students can cram at the last moment *cross*. Like there is an alternative that our current education system supports *twitch*.

Feeling a little *twitch*y today for some reason, you get that I suppose. In the midst of the busyness of the transitition, one hopes all is hoopy *tick*. One hopes the exiting seniors do nothing that decreases the dignity of the individual, and remain safe.

Say hi to your Mum for me...
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