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« Sun 13 Nov 2005 08:21:26 AM »
In the testing phase of my new MUD area [link], gone for richness and plausible story, is a darkly satisfying place and I think the balance is right. Painstaking is the process of checking pop rates, inventories and combative persistence of monsters, but quality control matters to me, so best get it right I guess.

Last phase of assignment handin hurtles ever nearer [joy, more marking] followed closely by the first round of exam papers. I can mark assignments @ the asylum but not exams, need clear uninterrupted runs on questions to allocate marks consistently. Seem to be on top of the marking more than I can remember in previous years, or is it that I am deluding myself - woudnae be the first time I guess. Also in meeting season - I live to collect agendas [collect the whole set is my aim], sometimes I couldnae care less, but you get that, 'tis the season to be brainfragged.

Did "body balance" at gym yesterday, yee gods, is like yoga and taichi on acid, hurt in places I didnae know I had, still, fighting the flab is a lifes work [remember that kids, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips]. Lol, that reminds me where I first saw that saying - was on a sign above the servery of the tuckshop of a girls school I used to work in [nothing like provoking eating disorders I would have thought - not much neways].

Hope you are all hoopy [pretending that someone other than me reads this junk], and that the particular demons that plague you have not got the upper hand. Listen to the voices only if they are saying "give belgian chocolate to wonko". Say hi to your mum for me ]:@
Feeling:: resolute [the bastards will not get me down]
Watching:: House [such witty acerbic dialogue, subtle and entertaining - so atypically american]
Reading:: Assignments [sooo over the application of red pen on paper, but that horror has only just begun]
Hearing:: "Music for films III" By Brian Eno [such delicious washes of electonic colour]
Accessed:: 2286 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

meetnik (n.) a person who enjoys meetings and all sorts of administrative events and tries to attend as many of them as possible. Origins: meet from Middle English meten to assemble, and -nik from the early 1960
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