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May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your back and the rains fall soft upon your fields... until we meet again, until we meet again.

End of year is always an interesting time - year 12's departing for the next stage in their life journey. Doubly interesting when one of those is your own kid [err.. young adult, sorry]. This bunch of 12's have been fab, a lot of fun to work with [for the most part] and I wish them well for whatever wonderful things they are destined to do with their lives. I have been a passenger on the journey of some of these guys for a long time, and have enjoyed that privilege.

Marking is such a life-giving activity [not], then comes adding up, collating, grading, ranking and reducing their entire existence to a single magic-mickey-mouse number [we call it an SAI to justify that process = subject achievement indicator - lol]. The kids that these numbers stand for are much more than a final number, but you get that I suppose.

My hope is that the departing seniors find happiness and love, feel fulfilled and valued for the people they are, not the people they think other people want them to be, remain inquisitive and enjoy enquiry, encourage healthy scepticism and seek balance. May they have the good sense to avoid the "bollockmongers" of this world [see below], and have the good sense to make up their own minds about things. May they play hard but safe, go for things rather that sit on the periphery and later regret doing nothing. And if they choose to stay in touch, then that is also a good thing.

kindest Regards,
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bollockmonger (n.) One who deals in the commodity of absolute bollocks. Characterised by the constant stream of nonsense and ill-begotten opinion that pours from his/her mouth, all of which the bollockmonger himself firmly believes. They can never understand why people place no worth on a word they says. We all know one, or two. Origins: from bollock meaning balls, and monger meaning stickler. See also Testiculate.
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