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..so we decided to get aircon, balanced the decisions between split-systems and concluded that just to do the bedrooms was nearly the same as getting the whole house ducted, so decided on ducted airon. We were told the outside compressor would fit on the wall on one side of the house, when it arrived it was the size of a large fridge, so was moved to another place. The inverter is in the roof cavity [they moved the tv antenae, which was also in the roof cavity, to position it, so our analogue reception sucks until i get up there and rotate it to point towards Mt Cootha]. Needed an electrical system re-wire [apparently our board belonged in a museum, which would explain the brownouts when using the toaster]. Sparkys are a interesting lot, have the world over a barrel, having booked one ages in advanced, he re-scheduled himself to a day when no one was home, so I had to take a day off to ensure he could get in etc [yee gods, a day at home with no power, there is no god!]. System in day one, electrical re-wire day 2, gas and "commissioning" day 3 [they fill the system with gas coolant, turn it on arctic and "balance" the airflow thru all the vents in the house - frost on the windows and jumper and bedsocks required as it is fekking freezing, yet to de-geek the instructions and understand the control panel so we can change the settings, internet connected aircon controls, lol - air-hackers here we come... it has an IP of....]. Now all we need is for the weather to get hot enuff to actually use it - flooping typical. Never mind, is in, it works, nothing left but to clean up the messes left and organise the sale of one of the kids to finance the running... cool dude.

I am sooo over making marks with red pen. I think I am further through it than I was this time last year, but can now at least see I am in a tunnel, got a feeling that the on-coming light is an express train tho.

Kids finished skool for another year, all over red rover. Daughter finished Year 10, Son finished Year 12, sheesh - I can remember when both learned to walk and feeling proud of them even then - this linear time thing is a real killer. Looking forward to some serious vege time, this year seems to have beaten me up a bit, you get that apparently.

Helped a n00b with a MUD, shoulda told him to floop off but you get that. Didnae say thanks, should I be surprised? Should charge in belgian or couvature chocolate or shiraz - lol.

Say ho ho ho to your mum for me...
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