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Interesting how dependent we are on power - all sorts of power are central to our existence. Power over our:

environment - mankind came down from the trees, only because the caves looked more cosy, went outside because fires in caves are not very comfortable, until they invented the flue [much the same time they invented toasted marshmallows I presume] and went inside again to decide that central heating and cooling were a necessity

relationships - we recognised early on that too much of a good thing can be wonderful, and that we want what they have, so invented all sorts of reasons for conflict so that we can justify the clambering for more stuff [do not get me wrong, I like stuff, but have gotted a little tired of all that clambering]

longevity - the plethora of anti-aging products around is astounding, the one thing they singly fail at doing is halting the one thing causing all the wrinkles [linear time and the human condition called living] - sorry, this occurred to me leafing through the so-called "Health and Beauty" section of the sunday paper, afterwards feeling unhealthy and decidedly not beautiful, then getting thoroughly depressed leafing through the "Looking Forward" section on retirement activities [with curious amounts of adverts for incontinence pads and viagra]

the waist-line - why then invented calorific food is beyond me, why can we not indulge in all manner of fats, oils, sodium-rich and sugary things [let us face facts, they are nice, right] - oh cruel twist of fate that they contribute to the fact that I have stopped growing up and began growing out.

gravity - huuuuge passenger jets [worlds largest crowd-killer soon to visit oz I think i read somewhere] hang in the air in much the same way that buttered toast does not [I wonder if planes land passenger side down when the plummet?]. Braziers perform death-defying feats of gravity disobeyance in much the same that boxer shorts do not. If reincarnation is real, please let me come back as a brazier. Unsure why I felt the need to include references to pendulous [well, gravity plagued at the least] breasts but, let us face it, does a day go by without some thought relating to them?

But I digress.

Power cut during a thumping great storm, bucket loads of water and muggins here decides to go check it is not just the brand-new yet to trip-out electrical board losing its e-virginity when lo and behold, my wet cold foot [yes, incidentally, that same sore bastard from other posts, yee gods another reference to feet] stood on a sharp bit of shattered ceramic mains insulation left behind by careless Energex workers not cogniscent of the fact that i mow our lawn and probably do not want such nasties exploding in my mower. The cut hurts us, my precious [just a flesh wound, had worse] but it reminded me how delicious it is to slosh around in the rain, bare foot [when did I stop doing that?]

Thank heavens for taptop batteries [yeah, my laptop is a tablet so it is a"tap"top] because they have allowed me to compose this blarg entry when the rest of the southside has no power. Unfortunately it also allowed me to continue to mark assignments which I so carelessly copied from the extranet to my taptop HDD, dang, no excuse then.... back to it *twitch*
Feeling:: present [but not accounted for]
Watching:: a deadline approach [reporting is the pits]
Reading:: Python Biography [thx still wiltershins]
Hearing:: the sounds of rain and hail [thx whatever caused it]
Accessed:: 2625 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

clicklexia (n.) A disorder one suffers from in which they have a tendency to double-click on items which only require one click. Often resulting in two items opening instead of just one. This disorder is more often found in novices and aged computer users.
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