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Well, that is that. 2005 academic year over, brain fried but satisfied I have done my best under the circumstances. I guess that is the connundrum of the human condition - so much is possible, only so much of that actually happens because of the circumstances. I am not winging, I accept that human frailty on my part kept me from a lot of things, and also a smattering of lazyness as well - 2005 was, after all, my down tools year after the brute that was 2004 - procrastination is your friend [or is that too easy bedfellow?]. Now the tricky bit ... getting active again in a sustainable way.

Sang with Annie - bless her, loved that. To relax into a song is bliss and I am finally beginning to be able to do that [thanks Gen, you are an angel]. I wonder how many people out there are yet to learn how liberating it is to make controlled tuneful noise with your voice - it is no end of delight for an old codger like me, why did I wait soo long to try it [again, a debt of gratitude to Gen for forcing the issue]. Still no word from Operatunity, no news is ... no news really. Unsure how I feel about that whole thing, but will deal with it if/when it arises.

Learning to slow down at the moment - have not slept properly in weeks as my brain races me thru a 2do list that terrifies me every time i avoid looking at it. Holidays, teachers, curious mix - I wish I knew how I could get value for money out of holidays [yes, I know, on paper teachers get a lot hey] It has always taken me ages to slow down - 6 out of 10 voices in my head are screaming for me to get up and do something, the other 4 have formed a sub-committe, voted me the weakest link and evicted me [if only that were not true].

Ninjas - I think I would like to have been one. The whole wearing woven sandals and a battle-fast kimono, shroud and packing a katana, fist full of throwing stars. To be able to jump, defying gravity, up into a corner of a room, utter something deep and meaningful [with my mouth, more or less, synching up with my lips] then disappearing silently into the night air through a skylight - them must have been the days. I wonder what happens to old ninjas - do they retire? do they merely fall to their death off roof tops when they are too feeble to attach a safety line or grip the porcelain roof tiles with their arthritis-ridden toes. There is a movie-length exploration waiting to be made ... get off your arse Peter Jackson and tell that forgotten story.
Feeling:: numb from the neck up
Watching:: Dr Who [yee gods, if Perry was not bad enought, we have the introduction of Colin Baker]
Reading:: Python Biography [thx still Wiltershins - very interesting but keep falling asleep]
Hearing:: Moby "Hotel" Ambient [disk 2]
Accessed:: 2283 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

videocracy (n.) The power of visual images in shaping contemporary societies; the crucial impact of television, cinema, internet, and advertising on public opinion, political affairs, market strategies, etc. Origins: from Latin video, I see and Latin cratia, from Greek kratos, power, rule; cf. ideocracy) Example: Ideocracy is dead, the so-called communist countries are communist no longer. Was it the power of democratic ideals or American style videocracy that ended the communist utopia? Perhaps videocracy has become an indispensable part of democracy in the media age.
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