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« Tue 13 Dec 2005 01:26:32 PM » we got this postcard in the mail from the vet [or more correctly, our cat did], reminding us that our cat had her annual grease and oil change due, so as usual it fell to me to do the honours. Our cat [named PC, no I do not know what that stands for, seemed appropriate when we got the kitten from the RSPCA ... it is fun to stay at the ...] is possessed. But in a special way. She allows the kids to pick her up, hang her upside down and generally love her a lot, she rips me and the wife to bits if we attempt to touch her, nothing personal ... yeah, right. First off, locate the cat - she has a 2nd sense [ I do not kid myself that the cat has ever had even a first sense, but i am being optomistic] and has gone into hiding [darkest corner, under the house], so I drive off to borrow a cat cage, having long since learnt that a posessed cat loose in the car is a recipe for disaster [and yes, that is the voice of experience, that stain will never come out]. Return, cage in the bathroom, the plan is cunning - get the son to find, cuddle the cat and carry her to the bathroom, closing the door to trap her so she could be caged. Well, last year, after much screaming and mis-communication, I thought it best to table the game plan before attempting it - all went well [cat caged, few tempers flared, blood pressure high but manageable], then the cat starts howling. I do not know where this sound comes from [dark pits of hell it seems] but she only ever makes it when in the cage, in the car ... blood pressure racing, to the vet, worm tablet jammed down throat [try as i may, i cannae do it and only end up with a regurgitated tablet and flesh wounds for the attempt], injection, check both ends, back in the cage, home again home again jiggety jig, all over red rover. The smoothest it has ever gone, still I get stressed outta my brain over that job, conditioning is an interesting force - I am perfectly conditioned to nearly have a stroke, she is conditioned to become this whirlwind-blur of fur and claws, still, you get that I suppose.

A friend put me on to this link - it amused me - "Talk Nerdy To Me" - I love sub-cultural expression, must be an on-going nightmare for English teachers tho.

Floating from one half-interesting idea to another atm, beginning of hols is often like that until my brain catches up. Will focus on something soon I guess, one never knows. Ooroo, say hi to your mum for me ]:@
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Hearing:: "Hold Your Colour" by Pendulum ["marooned on an endless sea"]
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fretard (n.) One who is described as very retarded. Similar to fidiot and fugly. Contracted from fugly and retard. Used to express offense without resorting to vulgar words. The same contraction can be used for other purposes by adding the prefix f- to a word to describe it above others on a quantitative scale (as in floser, funcle, faunt, fincompetent).
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