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They say opposites attract - interesting because this is true of electrostatically charged bodies as well - such is a mystery of life. Unsure why I included that, because it was there I guess.

How wonderful is it to be reduced to a number between 25 and 1 - 12 years of schooling and here is your OP. It saddens me that some seem to think that it defines them, badge of honour or tool to be beaten up with - a game the whole family can play apparently. The old TE Score system was just as illogical [who could make sense of a number that ranged from 990 down to ... umm .. forget] but I am glad I dinnae have to matriculate in this day and age - am soo proud of my kids for giving it their best shot nonetheless. To all out there [who could be bothered to read this drivel] : If you did your best in the circumstances, then celebrate, doubly so if there is enuff in the number to take you where you wanna go; if not - realise there are LOTS of ways to get to where you want to be, all of them involve EFFORT and COMMITMENT [which are things grownups gradually acquire, usually].

Had a funny [peculiar, not ha ha] turn yesterday, was a bit frightening I guess. Ever since the air-con guys layed silver snaking ducts in our roof cavity, our TV reception has been ratshit ... right? Well, our TV antennae is inside the roof cavity [as opposed to outside, attracting lightning .. we are on a hill ... right?], neway, I went up to see what could be done, is cramped up there [no, i do not suffer claustophobia], found it discarded and buried in the roof insulation [no wonder the signal was so poor]... by a communications relay from daugher watching tv, son relaying condition of picture from her to me, i managed to re-position it in the rafters more or less replicating where it was b4 being moved. Noticed that I was having more and more trouble breathing, and was also being cooked. Got back down the non-gender-specific hole in the ceiling, shaking and wheezing, wobblily clambered down the ladder, was having trouble standing so slumped to sit, had trouble remaining seated so slumped flat. Blacking out is truly horrible [done it lotsa times, many times for no explicable reason; some times because of chemical imbalances: sugar vs insulin; some times from low blood pressure - guess low is better than high ... right? One time, regained consciousness in hospital with severe bruising down left side, discovered I had collapsed and fallen though a fibro wall, fun way to terrify a toddler daughter who ran to mummy screaming "daddy died" - not dead yet, I got better] shook, went numb, became incoherent, needed to stay there for half our or so - not nice. Unsure what the problem was, felt weak and wobbly rest of day - big sleep and next morning [today] am fine. Don't think i will be rushing to go back up there tho - most importantly, the picture on the tv is now good again ... right?

Did some baking today [am happiest when cooking, interestingly] and made some nice nibblies for friends [recipe you ask?], then went visiting, then had sushi for lunch. Fav lunch atm = sushi and pickled ginger [get that wassabi outta here tho, tastes like kerosene] and a ginger beer - yum; then went moosic shopping, ended up with new 5 albums - w00t.

Hope all are hoopy, say hi to your Mum for me ]:@
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