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Frolicking where the continent meets the ocean in oztraylia is to some an essential part of life. Indeed, when I was a little tacker in NZ, we lived on a cliff overlooking a beach at Browns Bay and constantly had sand betwixt my nethers. I must be getting old but there are only a few things I dislike about going to the beach these days: Surf [breaks, rips and pulls you about], Salt water [stings the eyes, dries out the skin, wrecks the hair, rusts the panel van], Sand [abrasive in crevaces], Sun [it burns us precious, natural light ...aaaagggghhh] and Surf Lifesavers [who merely remind me how far my shape has deviated from theirs]. All that being taken as read, I went down to the ocean, paddled, then swam and allowed waves to break upon me, and enjoyed it [please keep that to yourself, else my typical grouchy fascade will suffer irreparable damage] - thx Barbz for the encouragement, and no, I have not been working out :P.

There is something magical about walking on the beach, and she who must be obeyed and I did that also, into the setting sun, dodging stranded bluebottles, collecting "special" shells, discarding them moments later and ignoring winging kids. Fish and chips and a short bushwalk - does an outing get much better? [I do not think so]. Top off with icecream [coldrock exotica with mixins] and the only thing left to do is drive home. Burleigh Heads is nice, must go back the the beach again soon, particularly while the water is so pleasant.

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