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"Home, home again"

Australia, Australia, Australia, we love you, amen! Another tube Bruce, do not mind if I do Bruce, who is in charge of the sheep dip? "I hold here some Wattle, a sign of our land, you can put it in a bottle, or hold it in your hand". Gotta love a public holiday right in the middle of a week, busting it proper I guess. Somehow seems wrong to have to return to the asylum after such a national tradition [drink a slab, singe some snags, sing drunkedly about vegemite sandwitches etc.] - chucking a sickie anyone?

"I like to be here when I can"

... so that was the holiday that was hey? My how time flys - seems only yesterday I was sooo fragged from a brutal year that I began holidays - time off for good behaviour is never long enough. Getting back into the swing of things though, "I must be more organised, I must be more organised" ... a mantra for a manic depressant.

"And when I come home cold and tired"

I love a brisbane summer - brutally hot, and then some. Just when you think it can not get any worse, in comes a fresh wave of humidity to bludgeon you. "It is not the heat, but the relative stupidity that gets you" my dad usedta say - agree with him on that point.

"It's good to warm my bones beside the fire"

Sidling back up to network services that are my lifeblood, it is like coming home again. Is it just me, or have others noticed that people are becoming dumber - not kids, they are generally switched on and thinking [well, as much as an adolescent male can think I guess] but the adults ... is there something in the water that is dumbing us down - seriously stupid questions and really dumb behaviour surrounds me at times ... bring on smart cards I say, at least that will boost the average IQ of our staff [did I type that out loud? oops]

"Far away across the field"

Got some yard work to do today and this weekend - gotta nuke the weeds around the wall in the back garden, then it is hedging and edging before mowing - recent rains make the green stuff grow, that would be a good thing if more of the green stuff was grass and planted plants, as opposed to opportunistic weeds.

"The tolling of the iron bell"

Aggghhh, the bells, the bells! Interesting times ahead as we once again live our lives in 43-47 minute chunks. I get good at sensing when the lesson finished [feeling in me waters?] but am a little off whack atm.

"Calls the faithful to their knees"

Induction doohicky tomorrow, promises to be hot - curious recipe that: pre-heat oven to moderate, add 1300+ people individually wrapped in insulation to ensure the heat stays in, and bake for 1-2 hours, turn loose on the city and hope for no riots. Would it make sense to consider airconditioning for the CC - given that it is a hot box that all terracites are imprisoned in on a regular basis? One would think so, guess the sprung timber floor was more important tho.

"To hear the softly spoken magic spells."

Building huuuuuuuge MUD area atm, 330+ rooms, whole sub-culture - interesting but time consuming. Hope to have it playable by easter, will see - lotsa new gear and skills, so opportunities abound - interesting therapy. Say "hi" to your mum for me.

Apologies to Mr Floyd ["Time" lyrics stolen shamelessly]
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