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« Fri 27 Jan 2006 08:31:04 PM » I went in the roof cavity, right, to try to determine why the television reception was so piss-poor after the aircon was fitted, only to [eventually] find the tv antennae dropped and buried in ceiling insulation [to explain, our tv antennae is inside our roof cavity, not sticking out attracting lightining, an important consideration given we are on top of a hill in our suburb].

Soooo... battling with claustrophobia and heat exhaustion, I wrestled with the danged aluminium beast, eventually suspending the blighter in the rafters above the fan unit.....

It seemed like a good idea. Before the aircon went in, the tv antennae was in the same place that the fan unit is now, on a stickey-uppey stand sort of thing, taken apart by the aircon guys. I studied the aluminium arial long and hard and was fekked if I could determine what end was the front and what end, by elimination was the back ... reception was .. ok, on channel 10, the other channels were ok, so i thought I sorta got it right.

Channel 10 eventually became un-watchable [not, surprisingly, due to the lack of quality of the programs] and i figured that something was wrong, soooo... we called in an antennae guy [what a specialised sorta geek that just works with tv antennae].

The antennae guy went into the ceiling cavity, straight away noticed the bleeding antennae was back to front [pointing in the opposite direction to what it should be], flipped it and we miraculously have brill tv reception again. $35 callout fee and $25 for 15mins - the time to fix it - bastard!!! Pity there is nothing but crap on the tv to watch....

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telebility (n.) The ability to tell if a television is on by hearing a high pitched ringing in your ear from around the corner, or anywhere in the house. Coupled with the innate ability to discern whether the programming broadcast at that moment i also crap or not.
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