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watch horror movie, right there on my TV

... "and that was the final in the current series of Doctor Who, join us next week at 6 oclock for [insert crap show here]". I remember watching Doctor Who religiously - one episode each afternoon at 6pm on ABC, finishing my homework so i could watch it, hiding from the Daleks [they used to be scary, now one can only love the grumpy pepperpots], having to look away when the Cybermen did something villainous [nowadays laughing at the silver-sprayed plastic watering cans they used as helmets] ... they do not make telly like that any more [and many would say that is a good thing]. I celebrate harmless Sci-Fi but Dr Who was different - so many good story ideas, just no budget to realise their full potential [or crap dialogue that stifled the brilliance, or ever crappier actors who couldnae play a character if you payed them ... wait, they were paid where they not?]. So much cinema owes dues to Dr Who - we would not have seen Alien, Terminator, Robocop, Starwars nor Deepthroat without the creative brilliance of Dr Who [well, maybe not starwars]. I for one will miss it - as an adult [is that what I have become?] I religiously watched all the episodes that were broadcast this time round...from Hartnell to McCoy, mourned the non-inclusion of the dalek episodes [curse you Nation Family Estate for imposing the ban], giggled at the wobbly cardboard sets, chuckled at the monsters in coloured wetsuits - all good fun

"There are worlds out there where the skies burn! where seas' asleep, and the rivers dream. People made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere else the tea is getting cold...". Thanks BBC, loved it... what will I do with my weekday evenings now???

horror movie, right there on my TV

Puddling in MUD atm, building a large area destined to be a hippy commune [gotta kill them all, tree huggers the lot of them]. Hope to have it playable by easter, prolly a realistic schedule. Pity the actual building was so tedious, still, you get that I suppose... "build it and they will come" - we shall see, we can hope that the forces of darkness do not cloud the imagination of young minds as it has time and time again in the past.

horror movie, and its blown a fuse

Laptop HDD smeffed Sunday just gone by, asked for geek squad assistance, found it still under warranty [yee gods, who would have thought a manufacturer would care about components over 3 years old?] and got a replacement for free - woot! rebuild, re-install of software actually used [previously was a game machine, had more installed and uninstalled than the local hooker] and it works happily again - daughter happy again [was/is hers]. reminded me how negative I am towards hardware - I should celebrate it, right? I am supposed to be in awe of the high-tech world we live in, maybe I inhabit a parallel dimension because i find hardware fails to live up to expectation all the time ... why do we put up with it? [yeah, right, like I could walk away from my pooter and never use it again, but it does make me cross]

horror movie, its the 6:30 news

Currently enjoying the teaching, is all good - working with minds that are not resistant to learning is a privilege [primary munchkins are like that also - sponges - we gradually beat that out of them which is a real shame] ... say hi to your Mum for me

and its shocking me right out of my brain

Apologies to "Shirl the Curl", may he reset in pieces.
Feeling:: present
Watching:: the last eps of Dr Who [regretting but understanding its demise]
Reading:: machine specs [coming to grips with hardware passionists]
Hearing:: "Music from the Knee Plays" by David Byrne [remembering the stage version and marvelling at the delicious confusion the sound track creates when viewed by the visuals]
Accessed:: 2307 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

mousturbate 1. (v.) To wiggle a mouse in an oscillatory fashion in order to locate a lost cusor on a computer monitor set at a monumentally high resolution.
2. (v.) To constantly move the mouse in circular motion while clicking and browsing, thereby demonstrating your impatience with the computer, but unwittingly actually slowing down said computer in the process. As in: "Mitch, stop mousturbating."
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