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...so in the morning [if making this for lunch] take some short grain rice [one & a quarter cups for four people] and cover it with one & a half cm of water in a heavy based saucepan, bring slowly to the boil, stir, lid on, heat down as low as it goes [or on a simmer ring] for ten mins, then without lifting the lid heat off, rest until cool, place saucepan in fridge ... marinate eight thin pork strips [like those sold as pork stirfry] in terriyaki, garlic and sambal oelek [minced chilli] for an hour at least, then sizzle until sticky and cooked in a little sesame oil over high heat, then turn the heat off and rest in the pan, reclaiming as much of the pan jam onto the strips [it is pure flavour and is a shame to waste it] ... cut a length of continental cucumber [half the length of a nori sheet] halve, scrape out the seeds with a teaspoon, then julienne [thinly slice] and set aside ... TO ASSEMBLE ... add a little rice wine vinegar and mirin mixed [total of about four tablespoons] into the cooled rice and mix gently to separate all the grains, divide into four ... place bamboo mat on bench, place a sheet of nori on it, place a quarter of the rice on the two thirds of the sheet closest to you [I find a buttering knife spreads it evenly, right to the edges], arrange a quarter of the cucumber julienne in the middle of the rice, place two of the pork strips along the length of the rice, roll the filling inside the nori, reposition, roll the last of the nori around the roll then gently [using the bamboo mat you are rolling it in] compress the roll slightly, to make it firm, set aside and repeat for the other three rolls ... TO SERVE ... place a small soy dish in the middle of a sandwich plate, with a clean sharp knife, cut each roll into bite-sized pieces and arrange around the soy dish ... TO ACCOMPANY ... serve with pickled ginger and some good quality Japanese soy [chinese domestic soy has a nasty metallic twang about it and is probably not even fermented] and chopsticks to pick up and dip ... mmmm [had it for lunch, familys tummies happy] ... who said using FRACTIONS could not be fun hey?

Feeling like a freak on a leash. (You wanna see the light)

...so I have these four to_do joblists, right, and I have yet to really make any dents on them, which is a little frustrating but apathy is something I would get into if I could be bothered. Seems every time I shed one job, three rush in to take its place [all too often core parts of other peoples jobs that they assume it is fine to get me to do instead]. The "interweb", as a [unfortunately] non-burning Bush once called it, is a distracting place, and with chat clients, virtual environments and messaging systems, it is really easy to waste days doing sod-all really. Gradually getting my shite together but the incentive to do so is internal [no one else seems to notice nor give a floop, which is cool also]. Makes me wonder, however, how people "say" they are studying but have MSN open, and are reciving txt messages on their phone - I would like to think that people are capable of multi-tasking but me thinks the current generation has precious little attention as it is, without having it spread across a number of communication modes simultaneously [a bit like the last of the vegemite in a jar that should be replaced but no one will take responsibility ... well, ok, nothing like vegemite at all, but am struggling to find an analogy that doesnae involve food].

Feeling like I have no release. (So do I)

... and another thing that is getting up my goat recently is people who take stuff for granted [and yes, I guess I must do this also] - what ever happened to plain old decency, sheesh, the people of today hey? I guess they do not make them the way they used to? [...yes, I know, the mummy and the daddy love each other very much and ... the physical process is similar, all be it with more electrical appliances and latex foundation undergarments ... oops, did I type that out loud?]... recognition of effort is not that difficult me thinks, and being snarly and bitchy about the fairly easy time you are presented with really helps also ... nuff said.

How many times have I felt diseased? (You wanna see the light)

... why do they call them coldsores? I get them when it is hot, nasty herpes they are, have always but less in recent years [usedta get em a lot as a result of sun damage] ... re-read this blarg, is just rambling shite but accurately sums up mental state atm [and has provided a means of avoiding other stuff, so is all good, right?]

Apologies to the Korn-kobbers out there ... say "hi" to your mum for me :)

Nothing in my life is free... is free
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