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Her green plastic watering can | Karma police

..what goes around, comes around.. right? I hope that is the principle of karma because I could really get into that belief system ... Some people really get up my goat, but that is goats for you I guess, thank goodness for the rest of them hey?

For her fake Chinese rubber plant | I've given all I can,

... so I am working on a way for kids to tell stories in a non-linear way, and I stumbled across a wiki - well, stumbled across it is not really right, I have had wikis available in the Moodle for ages, but havnae known how to drive them ... then laaaaaate one night I read the help file [yeah, I know, when all else fails, rtfm] and bingo, instant solution [dunno what the problem is but] so I am a happy little wikki-weaver. thinking of using wikis for kids to puddle around in, constructing story arcs that harness the non-linear nature of a wiki, should be interesting. Time will tell if year 8s can grasp the concept, or if I can adequately teach the concept [might be a first, me actually teaching something I mean]. Free-form markup seems tantalisingly clost to that which a certain Mr Tim Berners-Lee first imagined when he put together the spec for that lump of stuff that eventually became the world wide web - pity the reality of www is so un-interactive, still I guess it will never catch on so is not a problem.

In the fake plastic earth | it's not enough,

... time is an illusion, lunchtimes doubly so [thanks DNA] Is there a fruit more fruity and delicious than a nectarine I ask you - bursting with juice, flavoursome in much the same way that peaches and apricots [what ever happened to the flavour of fresh apricots, or is that something that selective breeding decided was unnecessary, I can remember when they were delicious, or is my flavour memory fading also?] are not [and without the bum-fluff on the skin] and they make the most magnificent of all gelati flavours ... mmmm, the taste of summer.

That she bought from a rubber man | I've given all I can

... so I had this fairly productive weekend, did some writing, some MUD building, mowing, was taxi for the kids [they work in shifts and me thinks their stuporvisor deliberately gives them split shifts just to make us travel more], made sushi, cooked, gouged plastic plugs from walls, discussed life, universe and everything with a nice fella called Azog, watched some telly, slept until my body woked me up... weekends, hey ... pity they are only two days long, one could get used to them if they were any longer.

In a town full of rubber plans | but we're still on the payroll.

Apologies to Radiohead...
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