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There's no point in asking you'll get no reply | Oh we're so pretty

...frustrated beyond belief at times by people who are supposed to be doing things but cannae be arsed [this includes myself] - lethargy is something our species would get into if we could be bothered. Giving the whole "do your job" thing my best and am getting somewhere finally, will carry on regardless I guess.

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... been doing some D&M thinking in prep for an upcoming NOT(advance) and that has been interesting - why is it that we always have 20/20 vision in retrospect? Curse you linear time!!! Will be interesting to take another group thru a kairos, they can make it or break it i guess. Taking some risks, staying crosseyed and painless about it.

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... so we have this MOO, right, and kids are enjoying working in it - gotta fix that [mwuhahahaha], and the Moodle needs some revamping for a fresh onslaught, and thern there is this MUD, and another 2 MOOs, and a Moodle for teachers only ... all this virtual environment is making me miss the physical environment, balance - possible? Still, mastered a Wiki, so will get kids writing in one me thinks, sounds hoopy [weaving wiki]

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...apologies to John Lydon [aka Johnny Rotten] and his band of naughty firearms ... say "Hi" to your mum for me
Feeling:: regressing
Watching:: new season of Little Britty [repugnant but funny]
Reading:: MOO assignments [redundant but necessary]
Hearing:: "On Land" by Brian Eno [rediculously atmospheric]
Accessed:: 2623 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

reilliterate (v.) To explain over and over, until the audience has no idea what you are talking about and even less interest in finding out whether you can fill them in on what they missed.
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