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Kann man Herzen fragen | Sie wollen mein Herz am rechten Fleck

... so the asylum had a swimming carnival, right? 1300 boys in rash vests [what nignog named them that?] and DTs [competing for the most creative bulges, or drawing them in with permanent marker] gaining points for their house, enthusiasm, sunburn and being rained on = recipe for a cold. A few days later and the hills were alive with the sound of mucous ... so I went up to maroon for another Kairos, seemed like a good idea at the time [number 3 for me, not bad for a non-God-botherer I guess]. Dearest Mrs Noisy gave me a new topic, which meant a lot of new writing, but that was cathartic in the end. Worked with some really nice young men, only a couple i knew, would like to think I know them a little better now which can only be a good thing. I think that when an asylum provides young adults with an opportunity to explore who they are, in a non-naval-gazing sort of a way, they are being brave, and the kids have a lot of potential benefit, if they enter into it with an open mind - one hopes it was an affirming process despite the nudity :P

ein Kind darunter tragen | doch seh ich dann nach unten weg

... so the asylum had planned and hyped up this open day thing, organised supporters groups to put on displays, informed the teachers they will attend, told the students it was compulsary to attend ... and then the heavens opened, the rain fell and the winds blew away the idea for now. Pity, really, as it often gives an opportunity to work and connect with kids and parents that does not happen any other way. Is it just me or is the purpose for an open day at teararse unclear. We are told that we do not need to advertise, and I was of the opinion that an open day is a giant recruitment exercise - do they not realise that our waiting lists prevent new recruits from joining the red and black ranks? Me is confuzzled, but that is not new. Still, with a cold, and feeling a little fluey, a sleep in is once again welcome. Was gunna open the lab and invite kids to play, guess they will have to do that at home instead. Rain is lovely, except when you have to travel in it [public transport in wet, windy weather is the pits], still, if it helps fill the dams then it is all good. The green stuff we laughingly call our lawn is also growing madly, too mushy to mow tho.

kann man es verschenken | da schlägt es in der linken Brust

... so I have been messing around with Lotus Notes, as this will eventually be the application portal for our Asylum, delivered world-wide via Citrix. Staph already have email and diary/2do stuff in the Notes system which is hoopy and designed to promote/manage collaboration [yee gods, something that helps our staph to work together, how will they cope?]. Beginning to notice there is real potential with this stuff ... funky junk it is ... I can see the time when our student database and services are notes applications - live and powerful, local and parts published securely remotely, the webshite will be managed by it and published live to web [the luxury of a content and document management system at last] ... DB2 is an interesting diversion, and since i have a developers license, i can start to puddle [i love learning curves], developers conf this coming week so all experience is ... well, experience really. If only this old dog could muster the energy to learn a few more tricks [sit, ubu, sit].

mit dem Herzen denken | der Neider hat es schlecht gewusst

... so I mentioned that it might be fun to put together a Rammstein cover band for BOB06, and that seems like it is happening, lol, could create quite a stir with me singing naughty things in german ... wonder if there is anything in the rules about this, will have to see I suppose ... power chords and mis-pronounciation sound like fun. Say "hi" to your mum for me, hope the Brokeback crew are all fine and dandy [mardi gras take it out of you, or so I am told]

Links zwo drei vier

Apologies to the nice chaps from Rammstein, for taking their song in vein.
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