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... so you take some chicken mince and fry it off in some peanut oil, add some thinly shredded onion, garlic, ginger, chicken stock powder and deglaise the pan with a little soy; in a bowl add some beanthread noodles, then cover with boiling water until soft, drain, return to bowl; grate in a carrot; add cooked chicken, teaspoon of sesame oil, some more soy, break an egg in and mix to combine; using fillo pastry, roll into tight rolls turning the ends in also, place on a baking tray, brush lightly with olive oil and into the oven for 1/2 hr on 200, turning to brown evenly ... eat - yum ... was dinner I just knocked up.

du hast

... so I am building this place in MUD, right, and the process is torturious - each room is wired to other rooms, then painstakengly described [a good para = 3-5 sentences each] but am nearly finished that process, then designing gear and monsters comes next - should be fun ... will see.

du hast mich

... so someone had this idea that we form a band and do some cover versions of some Rammstein songs, right, as you do ... then the idea sorta gained a life of its own and now we sorta have three guitarists and a keyboarderistish and are looking for a drummer and I am slated to have the extra 3 testicles implanted next week so I can sing that low, could be a lot of fun, will see what eventuates ...

du hast mich gefragt

... did it ever occur to you just how much of other cultures language has made it into our culture. It distresses me that kids, for example, in australia, consider doing trick or treat - i tell them to bugger off when they come to my door [grumpy bastard I am] but the whole globalisation thang gets up my goat sometimes ... and it is sad that someone can go on holiday to a foreign port and boast they only ever ate MacDonalds ... philistines the lot of you!

du hast mich gefragt, und ich hab nichts gesagt

Apologies to the nice men from Rammstein from whom I swiped the lyrics unashamedly and blatently [I will have myself beaten later, if "she who must be obeyed" will cooperate].
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ignorement (n.) The act or process of ignoring. A noun that signifies ignoring something or somebody, corresponding to the verb ignore, but different from ignorance (which is derived from ignore, but has a different meaning, "lack of knowledge"). Origins: Latin ignorare ignorant, and Latin -men denoting concrete result. From treatment, excitement.
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