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Were all living in Amerika

... so as a teacher, right, I set all this assesmernt - yee gods, did I think that out or what? Now I gotta mark it, but using red pen makes my blood pressure rise, so switched to green, but cannae read that in low light late at night so is a catch 22 situation - dang. Still, getting used to it I suppose [about time one would imagine]. I hate the ends of term, I hate the internet even more for providing reasons to stay off task [I will just check this, tweak that, look at this, edit that... damn you interweb!!!].

Coca-Cola, Wonderbra

... so we bought these prawns, right, and we had a ripe avocado, so decided to cut the avocado into strips, cut the prawns straightish and marinate them both in a little lime juice and fresh cracked pepper, then wrap them up in sushi - yee gods they were nice, along with a little pickled ginger ... mmm. Tin lids and "she who must be obeyed" also liked it so might do that again.

Were all living in Amerika

... so I was invited to lecture at QUT and decided that might be fun, so will talk at some preservice teachers about virtual environments, then get them to mess with one - should be fun ... wonders if lecturing is something I would would enjoy doing when I grow up? I sorta like working with learners in a bit more of a hands-on sorta way, but one never knows, does one.

Amerika, Amerika

Apologies in advance to those nice men in Rammstein as it looks like a unilaterial decision from the salad bowl [good old cabbage, lettuce and tomato] will see "Deutsch Baag" performing, or murdering, two of their songs during Battle of the Bands 06 ... could be interesting [extra testicles added later in the week so I can sing that low] if I can learn all that German.
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Watching:: "The Bill" on ABC [wondering when the lobotomies were performed that made the characters sooo dumb]
Reading:: MOO assignments [considering a lobotomy so I do not mind marking]
Hearing:: "Reise reise" by Rammstein [wondering if a lobotomy would stop my ears bleeding at this volume]
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lactomangulation 1. (n.) When one accidently forces open the wrong side of a milk container not realizing the fact. 2. (n.) Manhandling the "open here" spout on a milk container so badly that one has to resort to the "illegal" side.
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