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Marking. I issued these assignments to both my year 11 and 12 classes, they did them and handed them in, so like, now I have to mark them... tried chucking them up the stairs [heaviest one goes further and therefore gets the best mark] but that method seems a little subjective, may actually have to read them then... dang.

...then, amongst the meetings, right, which are so important to all concerned, this exam block arrives, so I write some exams [thought, right, well why not? if others can write exams, so can I], the kids sit for them and now I have to apply red ink to them as well, which is fine, but I guess they are going to want the red marks to be legible, bear some resemblance to to correctness of the answer and all that... sheesh.

Watched "Pure Pwnage" at the insistence of therm0z because it was "the funniest thing evah" and found it mildly amusing but more importantly it explained a lot to me. I now understand half the cr@p that was spouted as "leet speak" by pseudo-uber-geeks from past years - all that game-based mumbo jumbo that I just put down as wanking, turns out it is [oh noes, right again]. I guess if a n00b cannot have a life, finds it impossible to relate to other people [let alone trust a friend], then the least they could do is borrow from another that is less cr@p...? Too harsh? email - please stay on the line, your mindless bleating is important to us [not].

Holidays just around the corner, roll on easter... someone explain to me why the people who write calendars can fix one event [the birth of this baby, right] but need to consult the phases of the moon, tides and runes to determine when this same baby, who growed up to be this, like, really nice bloke with little regard to the rules of the day, was murdered [I am genuinely confuzzled why this date moves]. Every year it causes carnage because terms are differing lengths. Are we still shackled to the phases of the moon, given I only occasionally dance naked around the sacrifical altar smeared in yak semen... is it time to re-think this, or is this heresy?

say hi to your mum for me...
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Watching:: Pure Pwnage [thanx therm0z for de-mystifyling this cr@p]
Reading:: MOO assignments [thx all for providing me with cr@p to mark]
Hearing:: "Product" by Pop Will Eat Itself [revelling in the cynincal spin on consumer cr@p]
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thumblexic (v) The seeming inability to comprehend nor compose SMS-based appreviated messages without correcting the grammar, including punctuation and using capitals (I cn not git d hang of DIS fone basD slang)
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