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i live by the ocean, and during the night

... so i thought i would take it easy this term, then set all this assessment, so i had to mark it, but instead of being a conscientious lad kept putting it off and doing other stuff instead so it eventually conspired to beat me up severly with a deadline i could not jump over... will i learn? prolly not [silly sod] still it is holidays yeah? calm before the storm? musical is hurtling towards us at a fast pace and will get into gear early me thinks so i survive intact. commune geography complete, now doing room tweaks, extra programming and monster and gear creation [this is MUD stuff, right, just in case u are not with me on this] - shaping up to be my richest area to date, some lovely texty places and a buncha quests that involve a bit of reading, problem solving and some high level organisation ... will be interesting to watch players playing in it [if there are any players who will bother to try and work it out for themselves ... one can hope].

i dive into it, down to the bottom

... the world swirls around me atm, must be because i am tired [hope that is all it is] - still reality bites with a possible "deutsch bagge" jam session at a students house, hope his parents are not weirded out that a teacher is growling in german, could be entertaining ... on the other hand - five fingers ... increasingly intolerant of wankers and those pretending to be something they are not [like sincere, intelligent, my special friend, competent, concerned, interested, alive ... ooh, a little residual anger surfaced perhaps?] ... say hi to your mum for me.

underneath all currents, and drop my anchor

Hommage to the lovely Bjork, may she remain kooky and completely incomprehensible.
Feeling:: fragged and shagged [after a long squark]
Watching:: cooking shows [love the celebration of fresh ingredients and how tv chefs can bugger them up]
Reading:: Donna Hay mag [mmmm, good looking food]
Hearing:: "Rosenrot" by Rammstein [ear-bleedingly loud, rock on]
Accessed:: 2529 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

iping (participial vb.) The increasingly anxious shifting from leg to leg you go through when you are desperate to go to the lavatory and the person you are talking to keeps on remembering a few final things he want to mention.
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