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nun liebe Kinder gebt fein acht

... so someone had this idea [wish I could remember where it started] that some of us get together and perform some Rammstein for Battle of the Bands [for the uninitiated, a sorta music/band competition held annually at the asylum] and it sorta congealed into a band from there - we have jammed [minus a bass player to date] and it has been a lot of fun. The wonko [why is it that I am most confident and comfortable talking about that which is me in 3rd person impersonal???] has been asked to growl deeply in something that approaches german while wall-of-sound guitars and keyboards combine with drums all around us - is intersting [i am so privileged to be allowed to jamm with students, and doubly privileged when they tell me i am crap as a person, not their teacher]. One does have to wonder what was going thru the minds of the rammstein song writers as me thinks what we are talking about is vaguely unhealthy, but one never knows [prolly very naughty thoughts, well, at least i hope so]. We are all learning which I think is what makes it so much fun - getting the performance right is the current mission, shock and amuse the audience is the aim, will see how it goes [can feel some monumental moments of personal embarassment coming up, care factor < 0] ... gather around my children ... :P

ich bin die Stimme aus dem Kissen

... so after the term, right, there is like this time where we do not have to go to the asylum - some call these respites "holiday", others [like me] figure it is time off for good behaviour. I would love to report that i have got a lot of asylum-related work done in this time, but alas, i can only confirm i have concentrated on time off, and doing stuff that i wanted to get done [contrasted with things that NEEDED to be done]. I will get something done eventually, but am enjoying not having to worry about that shite for now.

ich hab euch etwas mitgebracht

...have been thinking about imagination [thanks mitch for the opportunity to examine this phenomenon]. What makes us imagine - what are adequate stimuli for us to picture in our mind things which do not physically exist? What tools do we employ to constuct the mental vision of what we are imagining - is it past experiences, existing visions or something deeper? I am particularly interested in those visions that we construct for ourselves [no, not chemically induced states of psychadelia, but the "pictures" that form inside our heads when we read something]. I am aware of the power of language - written or spoken. Indeed some very powerful things have happened in my experience as a direct result of words. "what evil lurks in the hearts of men? .. The shadow knows" was a catch-cry introduction of a radio serial I used to listen to on the radiogram [stop giggling, you young people]. Without pictures, i was forced to imagine what things might be like and yee gods, things were exotic and rich - there were no expenses spared in my visions - interestingly i cannae decide if I imagine in black and white or colour - I guess that detail is irrelevant. I was asked to consider movie adaptations of books and some i must admit have been woeful, a few have been miraculous [when i saw the harry potter movies, they corresponded almost perfectly to how i had imagined things] - is this good writing, good producer/direction or just adherence to the "spirit" of the writing? I do not know. Rarely does imagination and reality coincide, but when it does the effect is lovely. Is the current generation capable of imagination? If we look at the facts, things look grim - the need for more and more hyper-reality games is rampant; the media is full of stuff that is so graphic and in-your-face that one has to ask why the news is not rated out of its timeslot. The need to imagine is lessened and i am here to record an opinion that that is not a good thing. Gone are the days when kids play more with the box and wrapping of a present [ever watched a kitten at christmas?] and enter the times when the imagining is done for them .. i blame computer games, but realise i am being hypocritical as i am also a slave to the game genre. So what? What will emerge? Flooped if i know!

ein heller Schein am Firmament

... grasping at straws, a national pastime?

Mein Herz brennt

apologies to those nice men from Rammstein [may they forgive us, eventually]
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Reading:: sherwoodstock [a script that will dictate much of my life in the next few weeks]
Hearing:: "Mutter" by Rammstein [what nice people they are]
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