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She came from Planet Claire

... so there are a few schools of thought about how to work out pop strategies for an area, right, so that room traffic appears rich, varied and interesting. Since a room has 10 random monster slots, one strategy is to fill them all (or most at least) with a variety of mobs and then tune the room traffic rate to 10-15% until it sorta feels right - this can give a fairly even room traffic flow which is good for those areas destined to be killing fields. Another strategy is to use group wander characteristics that make the room traffic rates dependent on the number of people in the room - this is great if you actually have any players, otherwise the area can look a little desolate. Curiously, many players rush about without taking the time to notice what pops where - although not a very smart move, they may never encounter some mobs that are only ever traffic, given that they may not be permed anywhere. Another strategy is to fill only a few slots with a fine selection of mobs and bump the room traffic rate up to 20% or so - this gives a really mixed arrival pattern that can be useful for gaming reasons when a particularly prized mob does something very important and you do not want them arriving too often, or be too easy pickings. Bottom line tho, there are no hard and fast rules about what to do where, and I think if you mix it up a bit, then the area works better. Placement of perms is a different matter naturally but ... oh, sorry, that is right, you do not play MUD, sorry to waste your time.

I knew she came from there

... there is this taxi service, right, that seems to run non-stop from our house at times and it seems, at least to those who use said taxi service, that it is a right and not a privilege ... sheesh ... transport is a drag sometimes, and cuts into other things at times - i guess one day we will have another driver in the family and, shock, horror, even a second car [who knows what is possible through the miracles of atomic mutation].

She drove a Plymouth Satellite

... so I have been re-watching "Aunty Jack" right, this old Australian telly comedy series that I used to sneak and watch [waaay past my bedtime] when i was a kid, and am genuinely delighted at how sophisticated and clever it was - even by todays standards - the comedy was cultured and cerebral and involved gratuitous references to the token female "flange desire" and only had a little bit of transvestitisim in it [aunty herself had a moustache, but the boxing glove more than compensates] - hip hip hoorah to Graeame Bond, Geoffrey Atherton and Rory ODonohue - get it out and watch it!

Faster than the speed of light

Apologies to those lovely B52s who knew she came from Planet Claire all along. Say "ello me little lovelies" to your mum and dad for me.
Feeling:: trippy
Watching:: "Auntie Jack" series 1 [thx Winston, fab blast from the past]
Reading:: "Sherwoodstock" script [interesting melange of stolen ideas]
Hearing:: "Dub Side Of the Moon" by Easy Star Allstars [reggae version of DSoTM - trippy]
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tictactic 1. (n.) The technique used to try and retrieve the last remaining tic-tac from its container.
2. (n.) The supposed "never-fail" strategy used by habitual losers in a game of noughts and crosses.
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