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He raised the stake, And broke the soil i have begun thinking about community, as the whole idea fascinates me. What forces conspire to create community? Often it is common purpose, common advantage, common interest [recurring 'common' ... interesting I just noticed that while typing] - people get together because they want to be together and that is a wonderful thing. How does one build a community that lasts - a much harder proposition I guess, as the community needs to be based on some sustainable interest. Can a person resurrect a community they themselves helped to shatter? I guess so if the time is right, the gifts are plenty and the reasons for the original disintegration is not dealt with [or mis-represented in some way or other]. People are fickle, be careful what you wish for or you may just end up getting it [wonder who originally penned that little pearl of wisdom?].

And phrased the stroke, That takes the oil

... so I decided to work on an area in MUD [a game space thingy] over the christmas hols and in the fine-detail planning it got bigger and bigger, and like a fool I decided not to sub-divide it into stages like the other areas in development. I am still working on in - a commune [hippy community] - did the research on how sustainable agriculture, permaculture and alternative lifestyle work which was very interesting and gave me contextually relevant areas [going for plausibility and depth, richness and other stuff which I think will make playing the area intersting and challenging] - have all the gardens and bottom floor of a 3 story building done but have stalled for the mo - unsure what the impediments are for finishing it [motivation comes in waves; few bother to play; lost cause; people saying one thing, meaning another and doing still another; who knows what drives players to a community but am certain I am not providing gifts as incentives - freebies lead to greed, greed leads to envy, envy leads to avarice, avarice leads to the darkside - been there, took the damage, not interested in returning]. Lots to do, lots else commanding attention, you get that.

And stoked, erased and foiled the lake I have been privaleged to be part of a community of developing musicians, and we are gearing up for our first public performance [then tour of suburbs, roadies, groupies, the works - that right Mitch?] and it has been fascinating. I have come to realise how dysrhythmic I am, keeping time is an issue for all of us, getting carried away with what you are doing is another. Learning to momic aspects of another's performance is also interesting, particularly if that performance is in another language. Finally nailed the lyrics [in full theatrical german] with rrrolling 'r's and enough phlegm to stick a mosher to the floor. Performance is an interesting phemomenon and I am blessed to be given the opportunity with a buncha blokes who have the confidence to tell me i am crap when I am. We have also been blessed with that miracle of a thing called "supportive parents" who willingly transport kids from one end of the city to the other, cater endlessly and magnificently, accept the wailing guitar and pounding sounds of full drum kit and out of tune shouting and growling in the next room [gradually vibrating the plasterboard from the walls] and seem not to flinch when it is suggested that we do this again next week - we salute such selflessness. We can hope the audience at least appreciates the effort gone to here - will have to wait and see I guess.

And smoked and boiled the grazing snake

Taken from "The Roil, The Choke" off "Nerve Net" by Brian Eno [some of my favourite random lyrics ever] - thx Brian, love your work mate - have your people call mine and we'll do lunch.
Feeling:: poo-packing [but you get that I suppose if you are an agrophobic and offer to perform in public - combatting the demons head on is the only way]
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Hearing:: "Who's Afraid (Of the Art of Noise)" by Art Of Noise [thank you, come again]
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comedicide 1. (n.) The repetition of a comedical line, situation, or word until it has lost all meaning and/or humor.
2. (n.) The retelling of a good joke, where the comedy of the joke is completely lost in the retelling.
3. (n.) The telling of a terrible joke which incorperates elements of a recently told good joke, or example of wit.
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