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Sie kommen zu euch in der Nacht | They come to you in the night

...so there is this little stone and timber hall, right, and one afternoon a year a coupla hundred kids [terracites and blow-ins/rock chicks from other schools] and parents converge on it, sit in nice rows, applaud politely and act with decorum ... right ... whilst minstrels perform upon a raised platform in front of them. The minstrels come in all shapes, sizes and each band of minstrels make noises that more or less correspond to songs made popular by other people. The instruments used are amplified, using the tried and true method called "turn it up" - if there is a "10" setting on the amp, you should use it, right? ... Battle of the Bands is an interesting phenomenon - previously I had only ever attended them as a passive audient... 2006 was the year of Deutsch Bagge - a Rammstein cover-band of sorts, consisting of Luke[guitar], Victor[keys], Mitch[guitar], Matt[drums], Gerard[bass] and Vonko[vox]. We rehearsed much [all hail to the generosity and tolerance of Victors parents], we were announced, we performed and now it is all a vague memory [increasingly inaccurate i suspect, as we propel ourselves into legend status]... Rok-n-roll is hard work but yee gods it is fun also. Interestingly, when well rehearsed, you can go into autopilot and not have to worry about things like words and stuff, which is just as well really... given the fact that my pooter blue-screened 3 mins b4 we were due to go on and went thru a full disk check b4 it let me re-boot it ... damn you murphy!! I was shaking so much that when i struck a pose at the beginning of the set it was a while b4 i could actually move again, and kept losing my balance due to not having my glasses on [thx mattyW for the borrowed wrap-around sunnies - useful to hide behind me thinks] and the vigerous head-banging movements that i thought might work [so difficult to decide what would not look silly], unintentionally head-butted the microphone when coming in to growl another verse and panicked when i couldnae remember where I put the stylus of the pooter I was using onstage ... So glad the planned wardrobe malfunctioned properly, no way to test the garment edits b4 hand, so glad the shredding seemed to be appreciated... Audience reaction was good, the guys in the band were pumped before hand and stoked afterwards... all in all terrific fun [nup, doubt i could do it again, but another "tick" on the list of things I must do b4 I am too old]... now if I could only get this silver stuff out of my hair ... oh no, it has left grey hairs behind!

Dämonen Geister schwarze Feen | demons, ghosts, black fairies

...so every year one asylum [a red and black one] gets together with another asylum [a blue one] and they practise then perform a pantomine with music... people take on roles, and put on costumes, lights are turned on and musicians make noises that more or less correspond with the words sung over them ... every second [even] year it is our asylums job to host, [odd years goes to the other asylum - interestingly, it used to be a collaborative venture between the asylums, then strange politcs and bitch-fights caused fairly interesting divides, nowadays is fairly difficult to actually even communicate between asylums - pity really because a collaborative partnership is so much more powerful and productive than irrational rivalry] ... a musical is a wonderful thing, and "Sherwoodstock" is now set to eat my life for a little while ... it is immensly satisfying working on a professional level with kids - working with them rather as a petty dictator and keeper of knowledge ... long may there be opportunities to do this.

sie kriechen aus dem Kellerschacht | they creep out of the cellar shaft

...battling apathy atm, gotta get going on stuff I know, but so often couldnae be arsed to bother - hate it when that happens but there you go... this too shall pass. Am puddling away in MUD atm, enriching an area and quite enjoying placing story line and creating a legend, caste system, in-fighting and underlying politics has been fun also. How did they come to be here, how did they used to be organised and how is the "management" perceived by the new generation - subtle clues and a coupla quests to explore that idea alone ... all a bit of fun. Beware the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, all aboard the kombi and collect the whole set of "magic" mushrooms - really odd that this area and "Sherwoodstock" have a lot in common, interestingly this was not a deliberate move, mere synchronicity.

und werden unter euer Bettzeug sehen | and will find you even under your doona

a big danke to those nice boys from rammstein who were oblivious to the fact that we ripped off two of their songs and gave them the Deutsch Bagge treatment - rok on!
Feeling:: awed [neither under nor over]
Watching:: a battle [so many bands, so much talent, so little EMO]
Reading:: Rolling Stone Issue 653 [just for the gratuitous EMO nudity - depressed and naked, what a combo]
Hearing:: tinitus [that ever-present ringing in the ears that comes from being acoustically damaged by an amplifier that feeds back relentlessly]
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rokblok 1. (n.) Deflection off a small rock or pebble on a cricket pitch thereby changing the direction of the cricket ball.
2. (n.) The inability to remember any lyrics of any song, no matter how well rehearsed. Usually occurs in the splt second just before taking hold of the microphone, often overome by vigorous gesticulation and much headbanging.
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