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Why does my heart feel so bad ?

...so a bunch of people from one asylum are getting together with a bunch of people from our asylum and they are playing - is a structured play time - someone else has supplied the words and an inmate or two from our asylum is helping all interpret what they mean, and what to be doing whilst saying the words - all a lot of fun ... there are other games on at the same time - play between boys and girls is a lovely thing and there should be more of it, do you not agree? Is lovely to see males and females of the species working together and socialising at the same time ... no one would separate them surely [oops, single-sex asylums exist and I am trapped in one too!!] ... so some lunatic suggested that I look after the coloured lights and the loud noises on stage [cue lights, go, cue sfx go] and like a twat I said yep ... catches up with you eventually [curse you linear time] ... still, determined to give it my best.

Why does my soul feel so bad ?

... opinion is divided on policy for placing perms it seems, you see some go just for room traffic, others go for perms so you can do a perm run for XP and gold prior to levelling - I have sorta taken a hybrid approach with a splattering of both. My perms talk and many trade and many also do actions as well - is so much fun to bring a bot to life, even more fun to make that bot crucial to the solution of some quest, better still to have a bot play a part in many quests. talk and action files need careful thought - what should the bot be doing, what would it say - what keywords would be present to lead to other phrases, how deep do oyu embed the clue into the conversation, how many red-herrings do you supply [lots as boys rarely read, so they are easily thrown off guard] ... weaving a convincing present story is interesting as you have to include back story as well and that allows you to include politics, personality traits and other nice stuff in their actions and words - is all very engrossing but one wonders if the punters [pity so few play, but apparently you get that] care, or whether they would just prefer a good handout - they can go elsewhere if so ... oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, sorry to bother you.

These open doors

...so I put on this album that i bought not that long ago [collective gasp I hear you say, surely everyone owns "Play" by Moby] and started getting back into it - he is a borrower and fairly lazy [from my uneducated ear anyways] as he gets a rif then just flogs it around and around - is fine as I can put it on random shuffle and listen to it for ages - bit different to the bang and twang of recent weeks - variety os the spice of life, right?

Big thanks to Moby [what was his parents thinking when they named him ... great white whale? ... makes you think .. or not ... I know when I am beaten.]
Feeling:: morose [but determined to just cope]
Watching:: Babylon 5 - Series 2, still [thx still Winston]
Reading:: Scripts [exit stage left]
Hearing:: Slipknot "Vol 3: The Subliminal verses" [enjoying the music amongst the noise - thx Pat]
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thermalophobia (n.) An abnormal fear when one is showering that someone might sneak in, flush the toilet, and scald them to death.
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