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And all I see is little dots; Some are smeared and some are spots

...so i started feeling fluey last week - as you do, change of seasons, nothing new, so like a silly sod began masking the symptoms with cold tablets and panadol, come Thursday was being ravaged by high temps, but accompanied a buncha frenchies to an opera because i said i would [but i wish i could remember what it was like, Opera Australia usually put on a good show], got home [drove myself, yee gods, stupid boy!!!] and shot off a coupla ill-fated emails saying i would not be in the next day, then collapsed in bed to sweat and shiver [as you do]. Next day couldnae get up, didnae feel like anything but sleep so did that. Tried to get up to join family at dinner table but after a mouthful fainted apparently [no memory of that, i remember sitting at the table and the next thing i was on the floor with caring family panicking around me - big lad I am, geting me safely to the floor was an adventure apparently, and would explain the bruises and grazes]. Back to bed, Doctor out, suggested full grease and oil change next day... next day, weakened but after cup-o-tea [never fails, according to my mum] got droved, wobbly to doctors surgery, sat for 5 mins waiting to go in and get a feeling ... have learned to recognise and fear it ... deep in pit of stomach ... means one of two things [rapid and excessive regurgitation or unconsciousness on the way] ... next memory was laying prone on doctors waiting room floor [musta been great for business] ... couldnae get up, room continued to swirl outta control around me [welcome back sixties]. Ambulance arrived, took me to hospital in what for me was a fairly psychadelic experience - travel while semi-conscious is terrifying and wondrous [i am on the drug that killed river phoenix ... not really]

Feels like a murder but that's alright; Somebody said there's too much light

... after much poking and prodding, 3 visits from a vampire, 3 bags of saline by IV [yee gods, finding a vein was like a game of "pin the tail on the donkey" - kids, just look away, is a mistake to watch as the cannula goes in, so I discovered], chest x-ray [i apparently have a chest and there are lungs in there] ... why the fek i had a chest xray is still a mystery, they were trying to rule out phneumonia, bird flue [lol, asked if any of my students had birds - i assured them that any birds they had prolly did not have feathers, but one never knows what young people are into these days] and menningococcal thingy [they noticed the bruises], regular obs, ear probes [middle ear infection apparently helping me remain dizzy] and sharpening kidney pains - as an after thought they took a wee sample and found blood and protein [no, kids, it is not normal apparently to pee red ... note to self] so off i went to another part of the hospital and another machine for kidney ultrasound [yay, i have kidneys, two of them and they are angry] ... home again, home again jiggety jig [management routine - huge Amoxyllin anti-biotic tablets for the infections, time and paracetemol for the virus-induced raging temps, and rest, and rest, and rest... am soo fekking sick of rest ... am soo sick of staying hydrated but do not wanna stay sick so will grimace and bare it I guess ... "She who must be obeyed", bless her, has said thank goodness I am not often a patient, because I am not a good one [how people cope without people around them that love and care I shudder to think] ... say hi to your mum for me

Pull down the shade and it's alright; It'll be over in a minute or two.

Many thanks to "Talking Heads" song entitled "Drugs" for accurately describing my world right now - "Fear of Music", such a stellar album, third only to "Remain in Light" and "Speaking in Tongues" - seminal eighties post punk that you must hear, if only once for the enigma that is David Byrne.
Feeling:: down [but not out]
Watching:: the world passing me by [being unable to jump on just yet]
Reading:: pathology reports [and understanding every 4th word of jargon], MOO reports [and recognising every 2rd word of bullshite]
Hearing:: "10000 Fists" by Disturbed - Thx Gerard [metal freaks headbang along with me]
Accessed:: 3107 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

skiffy (n.) A somewhat less derogatory way of referring to someone who the mainstream would refer to as a "sci-fi geek." Origins: Sci-Fi is to skiffy as SCSI is to scuzzy.
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