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Breathe, breathe in the air; Don't be afraid to care

... it is a long way to the shop, if you want a sausage roll. Unsure the relevence but it is about time someone added that to blogspace for the collective edification of the general population. Have had some time recently to ponder in irrelevence and it is overrated, doing nothing drives you nuts [not a long journey for some I know], being able to do nothing is worse, frustrating beyond belief ... but you get that.

Leave but don't leave me; Look around and chose your own ground

... so Vicky the Vampire [interestingly the pathologist called herself that] drew yet more of my precious blood, did a full work up and my pikelets and blood count is back to acceptable [unsure what pikelets are doing in there, but you get that], calcium and potassium levels getting there [the low-nessicty explained the muscle trembling, which is a sorta relief because i had convinced myself I had suffered a stroke], and the smashed ganglion in my shoulder is more or less bearable now, if full mobility of the arm is still returning [would have to be my right hand, hey, and I am right handed for most things, flooping typical]... still, wouldnae be dead for quids.

For long you live and high you fly; And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry

... one musical mission has been to locate a supplier of music by "The Necks" - an acid -space jazz trio that play the most amazing extended improv pieces; so I googled on them and found the official necksite which sells their music online at prices that obliterate store prices, so ordered it and am awaiting for AustraliaPost to do their thing ... what a wonderful thing the interweb is, who would have thought people would want to communicate and deal with other people remotely ... my other musical mission was to actually see the musical so, dosed to the eyeballs I got picked up by dearest Mrs Noisy on saturday night and droved to the theatre, where I visited backstage briefly [and felt embarassed for being thanked when in my own mind I let everyone down ... yes, still beating myself up over that one] then took a seat to watch the show. I recognised most of the lighting plan [having had to hand all over to the crew and staff of the theatre when my body shut me down] and was delighted with the look and feel of the show. The cast and crew sparkled and deserve all the accolades possible - a very entertaining show [but i hate the whole "best show ever" comparisons, as it seems peoples memories on such things as sexual conquest, fishing, weather and musical quality are variable at best, innaccurate at worst - vivid memories of some poor deluded zealot raving about the quality of some musical one year "Pride and Prejudice - The Musical - 1993 I think" ... yes, it exists, I did sound and lighting for it, uniformly dreary but apparently "the best musical ever". Curiously have been lining up for this sorta stuff since 1990, interestingly until 1996 every year the same team did it - a collab between the 2 asylums, then politics went crayzee]. I was whisked off after the show by Mrs Noisy and collapsed at home again, so much for my plans to return to work that Monday... another doctor visit and the rest of the week was to be off... I decided i was gunna make an appearance this week, so have worked at rehab... weight loss is interesting side-effect - doubt jenny craig would approve of losing 8kg in 10 days, but when my metabolism settles again no doubt i will pile it back on [can hope not to, but in reality i love food too much to do without it for too long] ... on the other hand, five fingers.

And all you touch and all you see; Is all your life will ever be

Your band is just fantastic, yes, that is really what I think ... oh, by the way, which one is "Pink"? Appologies to those nice blokes from PinkFloyd for allowing me [without their knowledge] to gratuitously steal their lyrics as the skeleton for this blarg... so sue me... no, no, no, sue Mr Evan Flarss, 47 Needling Av, Southport ph 3725 4598 [let us face it Evan, you had it coming, anonymous bastard you are!!!]
Feeling:: trashed
Watching:: Day Time Television [yee gods, i feel sorta dirty watching this trash]
Reading:: MOO assignments [trash and treasure, even measures of both]
Hearing:: "Silence is Sexy" by Einsturzende Neubauten [treasure trove of noise made with trash]
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unultimationer (n.) One who always thinks they are the best, but to others they are considered as a joke or cheesy. Origins: English Ultimation of or relating to being ultimate or superior, and Latin ultimus farthest, last, superlative of.
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