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Lost my shape-Trying to act casual!

...dang thislinear time, one day follows another and pretty soon you find yourself allowing 365 of them pass by again ... how many birthdays have I had - one, sheesh what a silly question, you think i would put my mother thru that over and over again? I can remember looking forward to birthday celebrations ... presents, cake, parties, fairly bread, strippers, latex undergarments, fluffy handcuffs, industrial quantities of clingfilm ... best stop there I think. These days, it seems like just another day [mind you, when I turned 42, something in me snapped and I decided "bugger it, get in there and try stuff" so I started singing, abseiling, other stuff ... what was that? ... your mid-life crisis mate]

Can't stop-I might end up in the hospital

... going to see DaVinci Code in a GoldClass - promises to be ok, I liked the book [regardless of the hype] and, although I must admit that a little bit of me died when i learned that Tom Hanks was cast it he lead, I will go with an open mind. Full english breakfast, and for dinner steak and roast tomatoes ... mmm ... since I do not have a cholesterol problem, why the hell not hey?

I'm changing my shape-I feel like an accident

...now it is rare thta a movie makes me laugh out loud, but "Galaxy Quest' managed it again, even though it was brutalised with commercials, it is still jolly entertaining [if you havnae seen it, then go get it] - has been a while sice i last saw it; delicious pisstake of star trek and other sci fi, and has Sigourney Weaver as a blond, with visible cleavage and Tim Allen in the only thing I think he has ever done that is watchible ... nice laff neways - say hi to your Mum for me.

They're back!-To explain their experience

"Crosseyed and Painless" by Talking Heads, off "Remain in Light" - go listen to it
Feeling:: well preserved [well, working on consuming enough preservatives to artificially force the issue]
Watching:: "Galaxy Quest" on the telly ["let me get this straight, when that thing materialised it was inside out, and it exploded??"]
Reading:: Damned Interesting - [such an odd collection of stuff that provides distractions]
Hearing:: "Photosynthetic" by "The Necks" [disks arrived, thank you Australia Post]
Accessed:: 2584 times so far, not that anyone is counting.

neophilia n The trait of being excited and pleased by novelty. Common trait of most hackers, SF fans, and members of several other connected leading-edge subcultures including the pro-technology Whole Earth wing of the ecology movement, space activists, many members of Mensa, and the Discordian/neo-pagan underground. All these groups overlap and seem to share characteristic hacker tropisms for science fiction, music and Asian food.
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