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...it is good to see evangelism [or soon to come iVangelism®] is alive and kicking, in the world of the interweb such iVangelists can prop themselves up on their virtual soapbox and sprout all manner of iShite® [whether it is consistent, moral, factual, or designed to give the impression they care] and the appreciative masses will flock to this iProphet® - Book, DVD, iMMOG, iTshirt® [one size fails to fit anyone] and novelty iCondom® [every electron is sacred] to come. Please stay on the line, your procrastination is important to us and have your credit card details handy. lol, re-reading some of my blargs, sees me as a bit of an iShite pioneer.

Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere

It was not the cough that carried him off, it was the coffin they carried him off in ... sooo over the flu, havnae really felt well since b4 the musical, and am emerging from a lung-wrenching cough/chest infection thing [why stop now, just when I am hating it, right]. First time in ages I am sleeping, and my body is shutting me down early [9 or so at night, the bod says "stuff you, lights out"] so I guess I need the rest ... puddling along tho, hate taking medication of any sort so will be nice to stop that also. Am enjoying the teaching, amidst the administrivia I am forced to do tho, nice to work with minds that are open and interested enuff to ask questions - keep making mistokes also and learning from them hopefully, always a good thing [yee gods it would be depressing to always be right, or think you are].

And build them a home, a little place of their own.

...the cold westerlies have begun to whistle in and around Brisvagus, meaning only one thing - show time. Thankfully I have no need to go to the "ekka" anymore, my kids are independent enuff financially for them to decide that their money would be better spent elsewhere. Went to a nursery yesterday [interestingly, they call places to put little humans and places that sell and propagate plants the same thing ... wonder why?] and selected the Grevillias to be planted in the garden bed out the back - alternating "Honey gem" and "Moonshine" will look nice - white and orange alternating, eventually as a hedge - we hope to attract birds, choosing carefully to ensure the trees will be good screening trees [to give us back yard privacy again], so they do not shed to vigerously [avoiding raking our side, avoiding pool filter buggering their side] - think we made a good choice, they both seem to have same growth habit - delivery and planting next weekend [chose advanced plants too big to fit in our car]. All good fun ... now to a nice cup-o-tea. Say hi to your mum for me.

The Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants and Kings.

A big thanks to Mr Roger Waters for the lyrics that are all but a Final Cut [music to slash your wrists to]
Feeling:: convalescing
Watching:: "Absolute Power" [marvelling at the vocabulary gymnastics and almost Wildean piss-take on society]
Reading:: "The Supernaturalists" by Eoin Colfer [cracking tale meant for young people, that is just as readible for us oldies, if you get the large print edition]
Hearing:: "Product" by Pop Will Eat Itself [interesting tongue in cheek pop]
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acknodledge (v.) To nod at someone while walking in opposite directions in order to acknowledge their existence but not risk starting a conversation for fear of being considered as desperate or cause an awkward moment.
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