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Waiting to cut out the dead wood we have these water restrictions, right ... well, we decided to remove the sprinkler system around our citrus trees [cannae use it and it gets in the way of the whipper snipper neways] so decided to also prune and weed them ... I am in my element with secateurs in hand [hate having to get rid of the detritus tho] ... we sacrificed a few flowers [and hence later fruit] for the sake of a shaped tree and hopefully stronger foliage .. time will tell

... everything is so dry - saw the neighbour lugging buckets of water to his lawn, that is dedication for you [given we are not allowed to use hoses atm, bucket is the only option], and our newly planted grevillias are liking their new position so long as they get bucketed on, should harden off soon i guess.

Waiting to clean up the city

... so I have been removing chunks of Oceancrest now that the commune is released, to free up some rooms - not that there are compelling reasons for visiting old MUD areas much anymore as lots is now located in new areas. Re-wrote some of the newbies guide and re-discovered the adorable illustrations drawn with loving care and attention by Clarkie [love your work darl] ... thought I would share and enjoy:
Mucka charging into actionWallace "Mucka" Beamish's school daysMucka ready for action
Mucka the thugbyistMucka head over heals in the hippy communeSwordplay takes research
Cecil "Carrot" Farrott, Mucka's best mateMucka orienteering in MaroonOlliver Beamish, Mucka's little brother
Bullies, every school has them I supposeDes "Tugger" Glumphottock, brother of Emily (Carrot's girlfriend)Angels or demons? - choir boys are both
magic mushroomscleaners, groundsmen and janitorsfeeding the chooks down on the commune
Reading, such a noble pursuit, Mucka immerses himself in a good book

...oh, that is right, you do not play MUD, well, never mind then.

Waiting to follow the worms

... so it is only a few weeks away from year 10 immersion and that promises to be a bit o fun, 22 kiddy-winks have signed up and should get a fairly good ride ... Krome studios have plunged us into a dilemma tho as their three floors are all currently in lock-down as they work on 3 secret contracts, and will not accept that students can honour an MOU, so will look for alternatives ... have sculpted MOO suburb for the duration and am tooling it up so it is useful. Such a lot still to do, busy is better than bored tho - let us hope for open minds and a sense of fun.

Waiting to put on a black shirt

... so someone suggested that for the forthcoming talent quest thing [showcase I think it is called] it might be fun to perform the Lumberjack Song by Python ... was approached to be a mountie [who could say no] so will be making an arse of myself in public again it seems [like that is new] ... best way to tackle a phobia is head on, right? [agoraphobia = fear of crowds and crowded spaces, something I have battled with forever] ... will see how that pans out.

Waiting to weed out the weaklings

A big thank you to those nice chaps from Pink floyd (which one is pink?) for the grab of lyrics from "Waiting for the Worms" off The Wall epic ... mother did it need to be so high?
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Hearing:: "Absolution" by MUSE [such epic songs, it is exhausting keeping up]
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