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Went visiting yesterday, was great to catch up and chew the fat with a dear friend (must do it more often, resolves but will prolly not remember to do so - memory like a seive). Baking hot afternoon, humid yet the breeze is lovely. Wondrous smells of baking tomatoes (olive oil and garlic infused romas - will be cold in a salad later tonite - yum).

Just finished reading the DaVinci Code - what a cracking read, havnae been able to put it down (hence got nothing else done but hey, that's what holidays are for, right?). Lovely to have a story that sucks you in with such a masterful lend of fact and plausible fiction - must investigate further this Dan Brown (not read anything of his b4 and finally succumbed to the media hype surrounding the book).

Schedule for first week back at the Asylum has arrived, tons of fun for everyone (not) and I am prepared to return too (not).

Phone rings, 6.15AM, someone noticed our classifieds re furniture to sell/give away - so much for the sleep in. All gone now tho (and good riddance) - even shifted the old TV we bought to watch the Commonwealth Games in 1982. Tried in vain to get a charity to take the stuff away, none would touch it - that has gotta suck IWHO. 'Nuff said.

working on the new sillybus edition of the IPT text and am mostly happy with the shell, piecing the content together and trying to integrate it a little tighter than the old sillybus stuff - students will have to accept it "as is" until I am happy with it, but that is cool.
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Reading:: DaVinci Code (finished, just)
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